What to Expect from Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

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Hardy is on the way to be a better more reliable system than Windows, even if Gutsy and Feisty are, most windows users who used my Ubuntu installation or installed it on their own system didn't really like it as they found it too complicated to do things such as syncing their iPods or installing the missing wi-fi drivers.

Here are propositions that I think would be able to make the average windows user more familiar with Ubuntu and have a better experience.

Wizard on first user login

The first time a user log in to their account on Ubuntu, a basic wizard should pop-up to allow the user to customize their account and install new programs from the internet according to their needs.(For users with non-administrator rights, installing software could cause a problem though, but if this idea is used maybe a workaround could be made.)

The wizard should have a Skip button, because sometimes, as we all know from using Windows, wizards are just a loss of time and can be a pain.

The wizard should present the user available themes and wallpapers and allow him to choose one. After that it should ask what kind of desktop effects should be applied and install the proprietary graphics drivers if possible before showing them the desktop. Then it should ask them for things such as:

Do you own an mp3 player(And is yes ask which one and install an mtp/iPod/iriver/generic mp3 management program if that program is easier to use and more productive than Rythmbox. For example if the user has an MTP device, the wizard would enable the MTP plug-in in Rythmbox)

It could ask is the user is interested in video creation or often uses MSN(thus installing aMSN, a much better MSN client than) or Skype(Skype for Linux). It could also ask about their web cam and see if its drivers can be installed.

When creating a new user account that doesn't have admin privileges, the admin who created the account could allow this wizard to install new software from this wizard, but disable any other.

A program to compete with iTunes

Why are so many people asking about iTunes for Linux? Because their is no other yes no other program that manages music and videos for an mp3 player as well as iTunes. A program with these features should exist:

-Complete syncing of a library and converting the songs in another format if the mp3 player doesn't support the source format.What I mean b complete syncing is that the player searches for all the tracks on the mp3 that you don't have in your library then proposes to import them to our library or delete them from the mp3. It should also support tag update, meaning that if you update a tag in the library with the mp3 disconnected, then next time the mp3 is connected, the file(s ) that have been update get updated too, instead of copying a second version of the file on the player.

-Directory Watch: Simple, just watching a directory for media that is in it.

-Fancy Cover presentation, not a coverflow copy but something like that, since that is one gimmick that most windows users that have tried ubuntu missed. A nice GUI always looks better.

-Video Management: The player should be able to support any kind of video and offer a quicj*k single click conversion to the players supported video format, and if it is for iPod format, allow it to be a Music video with tags.

-Musicbrainz/Picard support, like Amarok, but at a larger scale meaning that whenever a file is imported, it is analysed and the correct tags are applied with the album cover. This feature should be able to be disabled and only used whenever the user request so.

-LastFM support

-Photo support and tagging photos and transferring toward mp3/mp4. Should be able to support Picasa, Digikam and F-Spot library.

-- A decent speed, have you ever tried iTunes? Isn't it so slow you'd use it more often if it was faster?

-And ll the expected features of a multimedia manager.

Applications in General

Aren't you ever disappointed that most Linux programs are just incomplete, or they never reach their 1.0 version or their features are much less than what you can get on Windows?

Example: F-Spot, Nautilus

Is there a decent video editing application out there? Not really though KDEnlive seems to be ok.

The Gimp? Much too complicated for an average user, even for a Photshop user like me(And Gimpshop doesn't really help...).

Talking of Nautilus, it needs a big update Windows explorer beats it hands down, you can't just select pictures and ask to flip them one way or another or change their angle. Sharing files with Windows isn't very easy for basic users who have just changed from Windows to Ubuntu specially if they are scared of command line.

Ability to install debs locally without admin password.

Like that a default user can still install basic software without risking to damage the computer without the hassle of asking the admin to allow him to.
Also add an option for the administrator to install that program system wide later, if he feel like it.

Convert Windows restricted formats into one supported by Linux applications

The user has installed Ubuntu, but unfortunately can't access his old emails that where on Outlook.

Allow Evolution or Thunderbird etc upon first start to locate these files for the users and convert them to a readable format.

Most other application's don't need that, for example Gimp and PSD's.

WINE integrated support

I saw that Wine was going to be included in Hardy with GUI implementation well here's what I'm expecting:

-Nautilus is able to show the exe's icons and not the mimetype exe default icon

-Frequent update of WINE on ubuntu repo's, because I'm not sure it'll be safe to install the debs from WINEhq because they might not support Ubuntu's implementation and break most of it.

Some Backup Feature

Timevault is too complicated and sbackup is too simple.

Make one integrated to Ubuntu that support external hard-drives and that detects when they are disconnected. Something to rival with TimeMachine.

Better web cam, scanner and wi-fi hardware support

Well you know how much of a pain it will be for the user to install their drivers manually.

Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Release schedule check here

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29 Responses

  1. brk3 says:

    Most of the propositions seem good but I totally disagree with the first pop up wizard on login. An average clueless computer user doesnt want any configuration at all it is more assuring for them just to boot up and have their desktop ready to go. They wont bother reading a message the length of the one you have above.

    As for the second itunes suggestion, amarok far provides these features and more!

    Flipping pictures shouldnt be handles by nautilus, it should be handled by the image viewer, and eye of gnome does this nicely.

    Correct me if Im wrong, but Im pretty sure evolution/thunderbird can import from outlook.

    Wine is updated frequently in the respos.

  2. Chris_ says:

    I installed Ubuntu the other day and I agree with you whole-heartedly. I still do not understand why Ubuntu is so great, apart from its philosophy.

    – Does not support ATI/Nvedia cards well (no 3D, no compiz?)
    – Wireless is tough.
    – OpenOffice lacks substantial features (can’t open MS Access files, Powerpoint-like application is just bad)
    – Customization! Can’t resize all icons at once. Can’t resize desktop font size. Can’t rename with a slow left click. Can’t easily configure touchpads or curors. Themes are a mess. Can’t copy and paste from some programs to another.
    – Opensource plugins are a disaster — flash, movie players
    – It’s either Gimp or some Picture Viewer-type program
    – Need knowledge of xorg.conf and terminal — this is not an “it just works” operating system
    – No double-clickable .eml files!? Weird.
    – No suspend or hibernate on laptops!!
    – Wine doesn’t work with any verison of Office other than 2003? So, is the sole purpose of Wine gaming, then? (This is more Microsoft’s fault, but there needs to be a workaround)

    I’ve worked on these problems non-stop for 2 months and there are no solutions which work in any forum. I’m holding on for Hardy, but if it doesn’t measure up, I’m getting XP on ebay. I simply cannot waste any more time “learning.”

    This stuff is basic! C’mon ubuntu! I still stay with you because I believe in your philosophy, but this lack of features is killing me!

  3. Robyn says:

    Chris_ Says: – Does not support ATI/Nvedia cards well (no 3D, no compiz?)

    Um, yes. It does. NVidia. I have Compiz, 3D acceleration, etc. Just invoke the restricted drivers thingie. Easy-peasy.

    # Chris_ Says: – This stuff is basic! C’mon ubuntu! I still stay with you because I believe in your philosophy, but this lack of features is killing me!

    Ever heard of dual-boot? Easy enough to install and set up. Have the best of both worlds.

    I run Poser 7 in WindowsXP (because altho it runs in Wine, the behaviour is sub-optimal), and everything else I do in Ubuntu, including email, surfing the web, 3D modeling in Blender, listening to music, editing my videos, chatting on aMSN, editing images in the GIMP, etc…

    …and those who say that the products developed for Linux are immature haven’t really explored their capabilities. I have nil issue with learning. Had to *learn* Windows. Never *learned* to like the BSOD, or defragging or deleting temp files, or ridding my system of those nasties that Windows systems allow to run willy-nilly around on your ‘puter *regardless* of which anti-baddie software you might be running (and which is slowing your system to a crawl).

    My WindowsXP system never goes online – I daren’t. I do my Poser 7 stuff and Silo 2.0 stuff, and then I go back to the safety of Ubuntu, where I collect my email, chat to friends, render images, edit images, do my internet banking, surf the web and everything else simultaneously without worrying that the system is going to eventually slow down or freeze up like Windows does.

    BTW, if you run MSN Messenger, be sure to delete those pesky .tmp files periodically, or they will clog your system. Just a fact of life with WindowsXP.

    I’m not dissing Windows… just saying that no OS is going to do everything for you… so run more than one. Why not? Have it all!

  4. Chris_ says:

    “Um, yes. It does. NVidia. I have Compiz, 3D acceleration, etc. Just invoke the restricted drivers thingie. Easy-peasy.”

    with some machines. with my thinkpad t43, no “special” video effects work. so yes, if you want the bare-minimum, if you want to edit xorg.conf, and if you want your machine to look like crap … then it works. i’m just sick of great features that work on 40% of machines, and then people saying “oh c’mon! it works!”

    and each feature’s support differs by machine! i would buy a pre-installed ubuntu dell, but i need my thinkpad because it’s provided by my school.

  5. Hardeep Singh says:

    I have a triple boot PC and i’ve been using Ubuntu for some time now. I think Ubuntu is good for a user who can play around with the stuff and knows how to get out of mess. But for an average user living in the protection of Window’s ease of use, Ubuntu is unfamiliar territory, even if he decides to try Ubuntu on his PC just one time, the way Grub takes over the boot process and makes Ubuntu the default OS can be a little scary for him.

    I remember my own experience when I first installed Ubuntu on my PC, Although I wouldn’t call myself anything below than a semi expert techie somehow, it kinda scared me too, somehow it didn’t recognize my Windows installation made itself the only OS available, locking me out of Windows. I panicked, took out my Windows CD and brought back Windows bootloader, killing Ubuntu in the process. As soon as i got back into Windows, first thing I did was, format the drive I had Ubuntu on. Took me a few weeks to gather enough courage to try Ubuntu again. I’m sure many users wouldn’t even look back.

    I think installation should be in a way that Ubuntu installs itself, adds its entry in Windows bootloader and keep Windows as primary OS, this would help you get more users who would eventually start liking it.

  6. John says:

    I’m no expert but Open Office keeps getting better. Sun is not asleep at the wheel. As for some DELL folks using the Corel thing to run DVDs and movies if you find AUTOMATRIX it will give some of you Windows people some options and also when it is all said and done there are a lot of things in there that make Ubuntu do about everything you XP machines does and it is faster and as for VISTA, well Vista is pretty clunkly, if you got it get rid of it.
    As for these Ubuntu Guys and Gals working on the next distro, I think you all are going a great job.
    If we really want to fix the schools, boot windows out the door and get the kids using Ubuntu in one form or another, imagine the billions America would save if we did not have to toss so much money into the bottomless GATES.
    Check out AUTOMATRIX. One thing for sure I don’t miss Windows.

  7. Chris A. says:

    I agree with all of you.

    Ubuntu (or any linux distro in 2008) should be easier to install on top of Windows. It can be done easily by those who have the time to learn the proper process of dual boot installation, except some of us who like the Ubuntu story (like me, running Wubi 8.04 which works incredible! btw) we can’t afford the f___ ups of getting it wrong. We got family, work etc…
    Secondly, I would bet that any laptop or pc out there can and probably does have someone who has gone through a similar problem. Out the gates, wifi looks like a bitch of a problem, but with proper research you can find a way to get it going. As far as Nvidia, try 8.04, and google specifically all your issues. It was a sinch to figure out.
    We live in a silver spoon fed world, Ubuntu isn’t spoon fed for anyone, but it sure tastes good.

  8. Roslin says:

    Chris_ Says:
    “…with my thinkpad t43, no “special” video effects work…”

    I read your comment with interest. I check the spec of thinkpad t43, http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=2285 , and here is what I found out,

    IBM ThinkPad T43 Specs as Delivered

    * Intel Pentium M 750 (1.86GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB)
    * 14.0″ SXGA (1400 x 1050) display
    * 60GB, 7200RPM Hard Drive
    * 512MB DDR2 SDRAM
    * CD-RW/DVD-RW (CD 24x Read, 16x Write) (DVD 3x Read, 2x Write)
    * Standard 6-cell battery and optional 9-cell extended life battery
    * Ports: 2 USB 2.0, 1 ExpressCard slot, 1 PCMCIA card slot, 56K Modem, Ethernet LAN port, PS2 port, headphone jack, microphone jack, parallel port, VGA out port
    Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2
    * ATI X300 Graphics Card with 64MB RAM
    * Intel PRO/Wireless 2915 802.11 a/b/g internal wireless card
    * Fingerprint scanner for security

    Your ATI X300 probably is not better than Nvidia or ATI 3D cards. Is you thinkpad can run Aero effect from Vista Premium Edition? If it can than ubuntu is at fault. But I suspect this type of video chips does not give your satisfactory 3D effects.

    Just a thought.

  9. ASG says:


    I have to disagree with most of what you said. I think most of what you mentioned if not installed buy default, it take only a minute or so to add new feature. I think Linux OS in general is very flexible and customizable. I got Ubuntu working on almost every single computer I had my hand on. Are you still using office…just joking. OoO works very well on PC too.


  10. iTunes Linux Supporter says:

    we need iTunes for linux because the newer versions of iPods have iTunes dependency. The firmware doesn’t allow for the syncing of music that is not iTunes encoded

  11. ghoti says:

    Sometimes I dont know who is worse the elitists, or those who think they are… gtkpod will sync your ipod (and on more than one machine without destroying your ipod whoa!) its in the repos, openoffice 3 is coming out this month (or next) and has support for your complaints (I will mention that these standards for windows exist only in the US and compatibility is a problem because of windows not ubuntu) , the GIMP which is free is comparable to photoshop and is easy to use, not to mention a variety of other programs that perform more specific tasks. Ubuntu has better driver support than windows all around (you may have to take my word on this because it would be a very lengthy post otherwise, but for nvidia and ati cards check system->administration->hardware devices) and I suppose last but not least, please check the wikis there is incredible documentation for all this and more out there (and its growing every day, thanks in part to users like you, is this NPR?). You could really learn a lot instead of imagining you know it all. Heck I don’t even know it all and I support both for a living (and honestly thank you windows, if you didnt have so many problems, I wouldnt have a job… Linux installs while dollars in my pocket don’t really make for repeat customers). Remember there is a lot to learn, and folks we are here to learn and grow, not to assume we have already done so.

  12. tom clegg says:

    i think ubuntu rocks i’m on hardy duall boot xp, with virtualbox 1.6 on top of ubuntu including shares usb ect. i think its fantastic… every thing can be tested in vb its xp im worried about falling over not ubuntu. some effort needed unless using a rolling distro from linux magazines or distrowatch.com. managed to overcome mostly everything. simply google hardy copy n paste into terminal press enter hmmmm…fits mostly every situation. even had vmware-server 2 up last week thats also good. more typing here than in distro.

  13. phoenix_abhi says:

    Comparison ? Ubuntu is better OS for a average and economical user compare to windows. For windows Starting from OS to everything you have to shell out money. The newer versions are costly enough to buy a new PC. Again all the applications from Office, Anti virus,Spy,Mal ware,Spam ware, Photo editing, video editing, DVD burning editing, Creating sideshows, everything available on a prize. The free app are junks except a few but with limitations.
    On other side Ubuntu itself free. It detects and installing all basic drivers is breeze. 90% valued apps available at repositories and enabling other repos is also very easy. A lot of communities always ready to extend their help. All apps are free. On windows and cousins expenditure, a user can buy two more new PCs

  14. Baphomet says:

    As ghoti points out, gtkpod will handle your iPod just fine. The new iPods are NOT “iTunes dependent”; that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve heard in ages. From a review of the iPod Touch on Cnet: “Audio format support is unchanged from previous iPods.”

    I finally wised up and realized where Windows was going and gave it one last boot… To the CURB. That was about one year ago and I’ve never looked back. There’s nothing (productive) I can do under XP that I can’t do under Ubuntu v8.04 and do for free. Free now, free forever. I will never again pay for (or pirate) my operating system. I will never need to “activate” or fool with any so-called “Genuine Advantage” tools. Spyware? Adware? Viruses? Registry Corruption? .dll HELL? Hahahahaha… I don’t even defrag any more.

    I quit running around in circles maintaining my PC with Windows installed and got back to using my PC under Linux/Ubuntu.

  15. Mogas says:

    After installing Hardy Heron I installed all the games, network, office etc applications I could. Then using a program called Remastersys created an .iso file of the complete system. Then with pendrivelinux installed my desktop on a 2 gig thumbdrive. Then used the thumbdrive to run Hardy Heron as a demo with all the games and eventually installed Hardy from the thumbdrive.

  16. Jos van Es says:

    What to expect from Ubuntu 8.04? Well, if you used Ubuntu 7.10 before there are some major changes:
    – Browsing through network shares on windows machines was very easy. In 8.04 thats over. It doesn’t work anymore.
    – If you use a 3945ABG WiFi card that worked fine under 7.10. With the “improved” open source driver thats over too.
    – When you mounted iso images from Windows shares you can forget it also.
    For me gvfs and the iwl3945 aren’t ready yet to be released. If Canonical wants to stick to there slogan “Linux for human beings” there are some major issues to overcome. So far I didn’t fall in love with 8.04. Stick to 7.10 for now.

  17. rawstock says:

    Let’s not forget that we’re not going to be comparing Linux to XP any longer …

    I bought a used Dell 700m last and found out (yes, I know this didn’t used to be an issue) that if I want to upgrade the hard disk (and continue running windows), I will have to get a new XP key (can’t use the old key with an OEM disc). I’ve been through the phone loop six time with MS and Dell — no choice, shove the old drive in and live with it. (I would like to mention, for the sake of this post, that when installing from XP OEM, I had no video, audio, network, chipset, or wifi drivers.)

    I for one, don’t see any advantage to a non-BackOffice user to use any Microsoft products going forward. As far as Vista goes, if I have to teach my users a “new” OS, why not Ubuntu or OpenSuse or what-have-you-Linux? (Okay, sure, Mac, too — I’ve got one — but there’s a cost for all the integration, as better as it might be than Vista).

    I wouldn’t discount the effect of Vista-switch-fatigue on Microsoft’s marketshare, neither their complete alienation of anyone who like to build their own systems, or (gasp!) upgrade a motherboard or processor (“ahem, that will be $199, please … plus tax”) …

  18. Lithium17 says:

    My Ubuntu 8.04 experience was very good.

    Every single piece of hardware was detected, including the WiFi chipset, Webcam and media card reader. My wireless network was easily detected and configured. Battery life is actually slightly better with Ubuntu compared to XP, especially after running ‘powertop’.

    Suspend and Hibernate work flawlessly, whether on battery power or not.

  19. DubiousAlliance says:

    Have been using Ubuntu since 6.06 LTS (LAMPP server, Samba shares, etc). Have been running fine with Gutsy 7.10 on home systems.
    Installed Hardy 8.04, and overall am fairly impressed with the release; I’ve read ALOT of posts of folks having problems and unfortunately I’m one of those having problems.
    AMD Dual Core 4200, 1GB Ram, 3-250GB SATA Drives, NVidia GeForce 7600GS 256MB.

    Clean install of Hardy everything is looking fine until I try to OpenArena and start having frequent screen freezes, repeating sounds, no cursor movement, etc. Freezes last 5 – 30 seconds.
    Started hitting the Google searches, and made sure compiz was off (compiz.real) and downloaded fusion.icon to change to metacity with no happiness. OpenArena, AlienArena, heck even TuxKart would freeze for 5 – 30 seconds or more.
    I tried downloading envy, and changing the nvidia driver and again happiness eluded me.
    Then, thinking I was being smart, muttering my secret mantra of “This is linux, there’s more than one way to skin a cat” (Sorry PETA folks, just an expression) Went to NVidia’s site, downloaded the drivers, installed them, did a gdm restart, ran the nvidia xconfig configurator, and WHAM-BAM!!! Got no joy, didn’t recognize anything, wanted to give me 640X480 instead of 1440X900.
    Since this is a PG site, I won’t tell you all the interesting words I muttered not quite under-my-breath, but I *WILL* tell you that for the time being, I have gone back to 7.10, using BVidia driver 100.14.19 with the 2.6.22 generic kernel (after the clean-install upgrade) and everything is again hunky-dory, all is right with the world.
    I’ll wait just a bit before attempting Hardy again….

  20. Puck says:

    Hi everyone.

    I have been using ubuntu for more then a year now (it was dual-boot then), last summer i went with my friends on a vacation, took my HP Compaq NX7400 with us, and at that time for i dont know what reason my XP was dead, so i had Ubuntu on. When my friends saw it, they got scared of it, but they had no choice, then to use it. 2 weeks later when we got home, one by one came to me and asked me an ubuntu installer CD. People are scared of linux, because it`s LINUX, they think that only those understand it, who are techs, but no, people fear from the new, and that`s normal, but they have to learn how to try the new.

    About Ubuntu 8.04. Second day it got released, i said okay, let`s upgrade. Was a mess, i upgraded, nothing was working, NOTHING, i thought my laptop had some hardware problems, but no, it was Hardy. I got to reinstall XP, worked fine, for 1 month, then after that registry errors, machine slowing down, i was simply mad at it, so i said, okay let`s get back to good old UBUNTU, and now i`m on 7.10. and i`m enjoying it, i don`t really know when will i upgrade to 8.04, but who knows. Anyway, feels much better to know that i can`t have registry errors, PC wont slow down, doesnt matter if i have like 5 applications open. Ubuntu has changed the linux world, it`s a big leap for those who wanted linux before, but didnt have the knowledge, now with a little bit of documentation all is done, and all is easy to use.

    And one more thing, which maybe is the most important : IT`S FREE! If you don`t like it, then go get something else, and pay for it (:

  21. Dan M. says:

    My previous installation of Ubuntu 7.10 had no problem with my nVidia 7600GS, but I just installed Ubuntu 8.04 and it has a problem.
    When ‘Hardy’ came up it was at 800×600 max default and I typically use 1024×768 display, so I tried installing the proprietary drivers available in pulldown at top of screen. My screen res. changed to 320×200 !! At least I have been able to uninstall the proprietary ones and return to 800×600, but where do I get drivers that actually work? Would the ones 7.10 used work? and if so, how do I download those for 8.04?

    Please give me a step by step. I am a Ubuntu user, not a programmer. Thanks.

  22. Mario G. says:

    I’m using ubuntu and kubuntu for more then a year. I’m almost ready to unplug from Windows XP !? but I still do not see any Mplayer that is working (i’m running ubuntu 64 bit 8.04).
    I used to watch the Italian TV at http://www.tg5.it but still I was not able to play none of the video (I think are in mms Format) in firefox.

    Any suggestion to overcome this problem of Ubuntu ?


    Mario G.

  23. huh says:

    Alright. Any of you that have worked in a computer repair shop, for a company doing desktop support, or supporting relative’s computers because you “know the most”, know very well that windows is still often a mystery to many and is only used when first setup completely. Average users have a heart attacke when something doesn’t work or looks foreign regardless of the OS.

    I find it funny that people are talking up windows when it seems to me that they try to compare a fesh install of Windows with one of Ubuntu. windows needs drivers and software installed….. while Ubuntu is good to go out of the box. (Yes there are some kinks with Video and Wireless, but there has been great progress from 7.10 to 8.04.. just in one release cycle!)

    Ubuntu is not difficult to use, but just like windows, it needs someone with a bit of know how to use… do you see linux shops on evey corner? I’d have to assume most of these negative comments are comming from people who have had minimal exposure to ubuntu/GNU/Linux compared to the life-time spent with Windows.

    I too was introduced to GNU/Linux first using Ubuntu 6.06. Have loved the challenge of learning it and being able to share it.

    The problems everyone runs into, can easily be fixed finding how-to’s to follow.

    I’d gladly take the few configuration problems over the necessity of anti-viral software and headache of spyware and viruses (whether dealing with it on your own PC or someone else’s…)

  24. Oliver E says:

    Its really nice to be using a system where the firewall and anti-virus software are more from force of habit and one doesn’t have to suit the computer up in a Level IV bio-hazard suite everytime ones goes out in the internet jungle….Have been using Ubuntu on the main networked machine since version 5.10 Breezy Badger and this thing installs easier than WinXP or even 98. I hadn’t touched LINUX since the mid-90’s using Slackware 2, and long gone are the days of tweaking C-code/makfiles/and driver hunting. In fact one can get so used to the fact it just works that one may well become rusty if something ever goes bad – but there are some excellent references out there both on-line and in-print…the long standing applications gap impending its acceptance into the desktop btw is almost gone; Linux really has a lot of the powerapps now or its own: OpenOffice, Mathematica, Matlab, GoogleEarth, Picassa, ProE,…If I have to put together a machine for the elderly parents or neighbor their getting Ubuntu (I’ll just call it windows, and will probably never get a call for troubles short of a hardware failure.

  25. Eric H says:

    Everything is great, except half of my music library in wma files.

    I use Linux a lot at work and I’m pretty comfortable navigating and building software and installing packages and understanding how things work, but I’ve just spent the better part of 5 hours trying to get .WMA files to work.

    I understand this is a stupid Microsoft Licensing issue, but holy crap, has it been difficult to deal with.

    I’m about ready to fire up a Windows Virtual Machine just to play my music. Lame!

  26. forsaken says:

    “I’m about ready to fire up a Windows Virtual Machine just to play my music. Lame!”

    or you could just use mplayer, or vlc with the right encoder, or any other linux media player with wma support. it’s really not that hard. infact if it was any easier you would have someone come over and do it for you. dont assume it cannot be done at any rate, assuming these codecs arent illegal in your country, assuming your version of winblows isn’t cracked anyway, and even if it is it doesn’t matter, you are still supporting Micros**t by converting your media files into biased tools of propaganda. if there is no other option, then delete all the .wma’s and record your music as .ogg’s, unless of course you didn’t actually rip them from your own personally brought independent cd’s from the struggling independent “underground” society. I doubt it! I bet you ripped those wma’s from your brother’s windows computer or from some jerk on limewire so you can listen to commercial gangster, hip hop or something so that you can then convert it into a “licenced” (edit: COMMERCIAL PROPAGANDA.wma) file format so that you can play them on your commercial proprietary operating system, then come here and complain when the one FREE (as in free as a bird, free speech and open source) thing in this entire episode fails to automatically solve all the obstacles that have been put in it’s way after so many years of capitalistic monopoly and then expect it to somehow, magically and unconditionally load every single format JUST FOR YOU, with no strings attached, no questions asked. OK!? Then of course you can come here and moan because things arent going your way! Of course! Why complain about something when you are contributing to the problem, without offering anything to solve the issues? When all these hardworking developers are competing with all these obstacles, file formats, filesystem formats, closed source drivers and hardware schematics, you people fail to see how far they have come and the brilliance which they have created! Instead of trying to find or create solutions or reasons, some people are content to sit back and try to ruin everything that has been done for them and the saddest thing is that they think it makes them look cool to say “well this doesnt do this and this for me”, well, vanilla ubuntu 8.04 is one thing, but to say all of linux is the same based on a ubuntu release? maybe a few dozen tests of various distros even, so that you can say that everybody in the world; everybody who is a part of the open source initiative in the entire world has not done enough for you, and you are disappointed in the entire effort because of some crummy micros oft shiest, overlooking the bigger picture, the mission… and you’re not prepared to do anything about it? instead maybe, try a different distro or continue suckling on the teat of weakness but either way trust me that your attitude and lack of contribution does not make you look cool in the eyes of people who give a dam(tm) the lack of realization is appalling, it’s just blind servitude really, not really the author of this post, not really the commetie’s, just the entire population of sheeple and now they decide to start contaminating the shrine of unix with their filth, well from me personally, no thanks, you’re either part of the solution, or not. If you’re not, then you come here and complain, then you’re your own worst enemy. If you’re smart then you can read between the lines and see the forest from the trees, the .elf’s from the exe’s. Constructive criticism is one thing but how many of you people realize that it is NOT linux’s goal to become some kind of hardcore Windows spinoff? Or an iPod regurgitator for that matter!? some people just don’t care about the real deal going on in the shadows but the important few DO and they are MAKING IT HAPPEN! the least you can do is CUT THEM SOME SLACK!!
    Maybe we are all destined to lowly servitude to the corporate giants of the world but for now in the virtual space of the internet there is a meeting place for people with ethics, morals and standards, you either support them… or not… so are you a part of the solution, or just another sheep?

  27. Balaji says:

    I installed the Ubuntu Server and create the user “administrator”, and i tried to create the file / directory in “/” path, it says the permission denied, How can i enter a super user? watz the default Super user’s Username and Password?

  28. admin says:


    Try the following commands

    sudo mkdir directorylocation

    now it will prompt for password enter your administrator user password it should create without any problem

  29. L. G. Johnson says:

    I just got HH pre-installed on a Dell… now I have to go back and maybe write a forensic utility for the Windows laptop whose NTFS crashed. I think I would rather write it with raw disk access through a booted Ubuntu DVD than to hassle with possible cross-infection from going back to Win again…

    I am now a HH/Ubuntu fan. Since I have worked for a long time with Unix, Linux is no sweat for me and just to not need to deal with the Registry – fresh air!

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