Working with Songbird and wma files

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If you want to work with songbird and wma files here is the simple tip how to work together

First, open up a terminal and go to the Songbird chrome directory

cd /opt/Songbird/chrome

Next, we need to edit a file from the songbird.jar file, so we will need to open that up

sudo file-roller songbird.jar

Now, open the content folder, followed by the songbird then scripts folder, find the file called coreGStreamerSimple.js and drag that to your desktop, leave archive manager open as we are going to add to it in a moment.

Open it up in your favorite editor, now we are going to add wma support to the "mediaUrlExtensions" section. It should look like this:

this._mediaUrlExtensions = ["mp3", "ogg", "flac", "mpc", "wav", "m4a", "m4v",
"wmv", "asf", "avi", "mov", "mpg", "mp4", "ogm",
"mp2", "mka", "mkv", "wma"];

Save the file, and drag that back over to the archive manager/songbird.jar file. close it,now open songbird and add your favorite wma files

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3 Responses

  1. Panos says:

    This tutorial will only make songbird able play wma or it will play wma with drm protection???

  2. Simo says:

    there is no coreGStreamerSimple.js file in that folder on version 1.4.3

  3. resuni says:

    No coreGStreamerSimple.js file on version 1.8.0 either.

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