X-IVi … Human Deluxe (Lucid proposed theme)

X-IVi is a obvious name for two reasons: 1. The base-theme was "Ivi" (Thank to "nale12"). 2. X-IV means 10.4 (Lucid) and the simple "i" means Design (iPod, iMac, ...), but don't care really about the "i". 🙂

Okay now about the theme: So I wasn't really happy with "Finestly Yin-Yang" for some limitations I had.. (only the murrine-engine). I took the decision to mix it with some pixmaps for get a higher level. With Ivi I got the right base for begin it again. The idea was to create a real Human-Theme (brown-tones and almost rounded). But this one had to be nicer than all I saw before and smooth (low contrast) for match better with the new Humanity-Icons. I am not a "code-hacker" and more a graphical-artist. But don't worry, I put all my best in it and I thinging it's work very well. 🙂
Metacity isn't included! Try it with the newest submissions like "Lucidity" or "Homosapien 0.9 < * -- small".

-- Recommended fontsizes are all in "10" (Droid-Sans).
-- Recommended Icon-Set is "Humanity-Dark" (the newest version from the branch).


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6 Responses

  1. owen says:

    omfg yes you’ve got it right

  2. Arkadi says:

    Look’s really good.
    You did a really good job.

  3. David says:

    That looks fantastic!

  4. joeYao says:

    Folder are too brown!

  5. Paradiesstaub says:

    Nice artwork!
    But one little thing I still don’t like and that is that non activated windows have not the brows bar on them. For me they always look like broken. Maybe it would look smoother when replacing the brown by the gray of the non activated windows – not so strenuous.

  6. haru says:

    please send a link for that gr8 wallpaper 🙂
    beeeeeeegging for it 😀

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