XNOISE 0.1.27 released and PPA installation instructions included

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XNOISE is a media player for Gtk+ with a slick GUI, great speed and lots of features.Unlike Rhythmbox, Banshee or itunes, Xnoise uses a tracklist centric design. The tracklist is a list of video or music tracks that are played one by one without being removed (right side of window).

This gives you the possibility to queue any track in any order, regardless if they are on the same album.

What is new in version 0.1.27

* present the currently played track data together with the album
cover in the ‘now playing' view
* check missing gstreamer plugins (codecs) and inform the user
* new handler for adding all visible tracks to tracklist
* new option for quitting application on closing window (not default
* set_tooltip for compact mode application menu button
* use icons only for hide/show library buttons
* improve track icon loading (for elementary theme)
* move all code to new libxnoise
* changes in project structure; add new name spaces
* use XDG data dir for xnoise data
* add french translation
* add polish translation
* update some translation
* bug fixes

Install xnoise media player v0.1.27 on ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shkn/xnoise

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install xnoise


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