XNOISE – Media player for Gtk+ with a slick GUI

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XNOISE is a media player for Gtk+ with a slick GUI, great speed and lots of features

Unlike Rhythmbox, Banshee or itunes, Xnoise uses a tracklist centric design. The tracklist is a list of video or music tracks that are played one by one without being removed (right side of window). This gives you the possibility to enqueue any track in any order, regardless if they are on the same album or not. The tracks can be reordered at any time via drag and drop.

The media browser (left side of the window) contains all available media in a hierarchical tree structure of the available metadata. It is easy to find a single track, artist or album by going through this tree or by just entering a search term. From the media browser, music or videos can be dragged into the tracklist to every position.

Single or multiple tracks, streams, albums or artists can be dragged onto the tracklist and be reordered. Within the playing track, it's possible to jump to every position by clicking the position bar.

Xnoise can play every kind of audio/video data that gstreamer can handle.

There is a plugin interface available. Plugins are optionally build, if their dependencies are fulfilled. By now there are already some plugins, e.g. a plugin that downloads cover images from lastFm or one that shows notifications, one that monitores file changes in your local media directory, ...

Install XNOISE Media player in Ubuntu 10.04

First you need to download .deb packages from here once you downloaded the .deb packages install them by double clicking on it or run the following commands from your terminal

sudo dpkg -i xnoise_0.1.5-1_i386.deb

sudo dpkg -i  xnoise-plugins-core_0.1.5-1_i386.deb


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6 Responses

  1. Victor says:

    Nice screenshot.

  2. Pete says:

    I realy like X-Noise. It kinda looks like a simple Rhythmbox but has a very important feature for me, which is that tracks don’t disappear from the queue after they are played. I only wish it could support copying music and video to iphones and other devices. I would leave Rhythmbox for it. I give it 4 out of 5 points 🙂

  3. likemindead says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll definitely give XNOISE a shot. But I must say I flipping LOVE Exaile. It’s amazing, light-weight, and full featured. Cheers.

  4. hateeecs says:

    i find that UI to be pretty ugly looking, probably more of a GTK widget problem

  5. shkn says:

    Now there is a ppa available in launchpad:

  6. ivan says:

    It’s look like foobnix gtk+ music player. Foobnix has more features but currently in alpha version.

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