ExpoSong 0.7 released!

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ExpoSong is a presentation software with a focus on Christian Worship Settings.

With ExpoSong you can easily manage your lyrics and you can also create text and image presentations. It has a nice and easy to use background selector which supports image and gradient backgrounds.

With a schedule you can define an order of your presentations for a specific event. There is also a full-text-search which helps you find your presentations.

Now we have released Version 0.7 which brings a lot of improvements.

Changes in 0.7

  • Using OpenLyrics to store Lyrics. This brings a lot of additional features and compatibility with other applications. We will be integrating more in the future.
  • Improved Import and Export. Import from SongSelect, or OpenSong.
  • User can change the output monitor in dual screen mode.
  • Print a Song or List of Presentations.


You can download latest version from download page.

Caveats/Help Needed

We have translated the application into German, and are looking for more translators! Have a look at our Launchpad Translations page. Note that translations are not working on Windows for this version.

If you’d like to help in other ways, please see how you can contribute.


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    Cool! Thanks!

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