Prips – Print IP address on a given range

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prips is a tool that can be used to print all of the IP address on a given range. It can enhance the usability of tools that are made to work on only one host at a time.

Install Prips on ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install prips

Using prips

prips syntax

prips [-c] [-d delim] [-e exclude] [-f format] [-i incr] start end
prips [-c] [-d delim] [-e exclude] [-f format] [-i incr] CIDR-block

Available Options

The prips tool accepts the following command-line options:

-c -- Print the range in CIDR notation.

-d delim -- Set the delimiter to the character with ASCII code delim where 0 <= delim <= 255. -e -- Exclude ranges from the output.

-f format -- Set the format of addresses (hex, dec, or dot).

-i incr -- Set the increment to ‘x'.

Prips Examples

Display all the addresses in a reserved subnet:


The same, using CIDR notation:

prips 192.168.32/24

Display only the usable addresses in a class A reserved subnet using a space instead of a newline for a delimiter:

prips -d 32

Display every fourth address in a weird block:

prips -i 4

Determine the smallest CIDR block containing two addresses:

prips -c

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  1. Daya says:

    is it possible to run prips command on list of ip address from a file?

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