Ubuntu 11.04(Natty) Installer:Cannot manually specify a mount point in the manual partitoner

When creating partitions or selecting existing partitions in the manual partitioning tool, the mount point box does not accept keyboard input. The dropdown still works, so the default values (/, /home, etc.) can still be selected, but a new one cannot be specified. The partition size spinbox still works correctly, so keyboard input is definitely working.

This is ubuntu 11.04 bug #769043


From "Try Ubuntu" run the installer, alt+f2 run gedit , type your custom mount point , select and copy the text to paste in the installer.

From "Install Ubuntu" you can't alt+f2 or run gedit so, go to system settings type your custom mount point in the filter box, select and copy the text to paste in the installer.


copy and paste inside the text box

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7 Responses

  1. putyn says:

    i installed natty when gnone3 was available for ubuntu (a few weeks ago) and the and the mount point box was working 😛 i used the x64 version of natty

  2. Christopher_T. says:

    Oh, thank you…I thought it was me, or a bad download!

  3. Mestkan says:

    After months of customizing, i had gnome2 exactly like i wanted. Then the upgrade flushed it down the drain. What is that? Who wants a fisher-price interface? It wasn’t even stable, so i tried Gnome3. Okay, that sucked too, i understand the Unity choice there. Gnome3 wasn’t working stable either, and it was bad-ass ugly. I had no choice but to join the KDE-sect against my will. I will never upgrade Ubuntu again, instead I’ll go for Debian or Suse. Ubuntu was nice as long as it lasted.
    ps. I’ve not encountered mount-problems, local or NFS, that is if i discard Dolpin’s way of showing mounts. Anyway, if there where problems, I’d edit fstab, so i don’t really see the point of this topic.

  4. Brad says:

    Did not work for me on AMD64 version… bummer, I thought the whole point of a linux/GNU environment was the customization and ability to remove/alter anything, and I can’t even specify that I want a special mount point aside from the usual 10 or so? Way to go canonical…

  5. Erik says:

    Try right clicking to use a mouse context paste, worked for me on AMD64… =)

  6. dustin says:

    Ok they updated the installer it IS faster, but at what cost? This is incredibly dumb that I have to use fstab edits to get my drives in the mount-points I want, and even dumber is that with my reinstall it wouldn’t let me use my user-name in my computers name, now I have to reconfigure five other computers around this crap!!! I love Ubuntu but this is bull.

  7. srin says:

    thank you very much,this was really the most helpful tip.

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