Backup installed packages on ubuntu

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All the programs which you install using Synapatic package manger,apt-get,aptitude have a .Deb file in the following folder


This is very useful when you want to check which version of package is installed on your system and you can take backup of this folder and install all the packages in another machine

If you want to use GUI Program for this check here

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5 Responses

  1. humo says:

    thankx, very useful!

  2. Bax says:

    The directory /var/cache/apt/archives may be cleaned up with the commands aptitude autoclean or aptitude clean. Use the apt-show-versions command to list available package versions with distribution.

  3. Prabath says:

    I tried to copy the packages from”/var/cache/apt/archives”. I could not able to find any packages in this location.
    Is it only If I use Synaptic, packages will be saved there? I installded the packages manually by downloading it one by one and double click on it. Is it because of this processor?
    I am using Ubuntu 8.04 in Wubi.

  4. Terry Wang says:

    Once apt-get clean or autoclean is run, all the cache will be cleared.

  5. mpi says:

    thats a stupid solution it’s just a cache directory.

    if you want to have all the list of isntalled packages just use dpkg --get-selections. but that’s going to pull all of them (dependencies etc).

    look at debfoster if you only want to know the packages that you actually pulled yourself. if dependencies change in the interim you wont have to reinstall them…

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