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Portable Package Manager for Linux. Download new repositories and applications, and install or update it offline.Camicri Cube is a portable package manager (Like Synaptic and Ubuntu Software Center, but a portable one) that can be used and run in any platform (Windows, Apt-Based Linux Distributions), online and offline, in flashdrive or any removable devices without installing anything. It enables you to download Linux Applications in any computer, and installs it back to your original computer. It is developed in hope that it become useful to offline Linux users community and to make Linux applications easier to download and install.

Cross-platform. Cube is written in C# Language, which runs in a Microsoft Windows .Net Framework. And thanks to Mono, an open source implementation of .Net Framework based on ECMA standards, these C# applications can be brought also to open source community.

Portable. Target users are offline users, so we develop a portable and standalone application. Cube in Linux contains bundled mono-framework and additional applications inside of it, so no additional packages are required to be installed. Just simply extract it in your home directory and run. You can easily run it in multiple Linux computers.

Fast. Cube uses third party download accelerators (Aria2 and Axel) that has a multi-segment/multi-connection feature to speed up downloading of packages and repositories. Download Resuming for both is also supported.

Install Camicri Cube on Ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following commands

For 32-bit users

wget -O cube32.zip https://launchpad.net/camicricube/1.0/1.0.9/+download/cube-

unzip cube32.zip

cd cube

chmod +x cube-linux


For 64-bit Users

wget -O cube64.zip https://launchpad.net/camicricube/1.0/1.0.9/+download/cube-

unzip cube64.zip

cd cube

chmod +x cube-linux




Check documentation How to use Camicri Cube

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