Codelite – A Cross Platform Open Source C/C++ IDE

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CodeLite is an open-source, cross platform IDE for the C/C++ programming languages (build and tested on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu 10.10/10.04, and Mac OSX 10.5.8). CodeLite is distributed under the terms of the GPLv2 license with an exception:

License exception:

The only exception is that plugins developed for CodeLite (other than the ones that comes with the official installer provided by the CodeLite team), are allowed to remain closed sourced and can be distributed under any license

CodeLite main features:

* Generic support for compilers
* Can be easily extended with plugins (several plugins are already included in the installer)
* Built-in GDB support, with the following features included:
o Watches table -- add persistent watches with a single click
o Quick Watch -- right click on a variable to expand it
o Locals tree -- automatically displays the current stack variables (also displays *this if available)
o Threads view -- contains a list of currently-running threads; switch between them with a single click
o Breakpoint management -- ‘add/remove breakpoint' management panel
o Automatic tooltip
o Memory view
* Subversion plugin (based on the command line tool)
* cscope plugin
* External Tools plugin
* Gizmos plugin -- for the creation of: C++ classes, wxWidgets projects, CodeLite plugins
* Makefile based build system
* Project explorer (Workspace view)
* File Explorer
* Imports MSVS workspace/projects and converts them to use a GNU-based makefile
* Active-document outline
* Sophisticated database-based Code Completion mechanism; a default database is supplied which contains symbols for wxWidgets, STL and standard headers
o Function's call tip
o Hover tip
o Comments tips
o Members List
o Supports C++ templates, namespaces and other advance features of the language
o Automatically add include statement for symbols
o Code Refactoring (rename class/method/member)
o Implement all unimplemented methods
o Implement method
o Move functions implementation to another source file
o Generate setters/getters
* Quickly open resources in the editor using ‘Find Resource in workspace'
* Quickly open types in the editor using ‘Find Type in workspace'
* XML-based syntax highlighting, comes with the following:
o C/C++
o Java
o Perl
o Makefile
o Lua
o Diff files
o JavaScript
o Python
* Text Folding
* Bookmarks
* Find In Files
* Replace In Files
* Highly Configurable
* Built-in doxygen comment generator for functions/classes
* And much more...

Install codelite in ubuntu

Download deb packages from here once you have deb packages you can install by double clicking on it.


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