CometSound – Music player for GNU/Linux written in python

CometSound is a Music player for GNU/Linux written in python, using pygtk and gstreamer libraries.


-- collects and shows only the audio files (mp3, wma, ogg) of a given folder recursively
-- allows the user to create playlists and to shuffle them
-- uses Gstreamer multimedia framework, and a GTK+ user interface
-- supports mp3 and wma tags (through python-mutagen)
-- is free software. Released under GNU GPL v2+ License

Install cometsound in ubuntu

Download deb packages from here once you have deb install by double clicking on it


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3 Responses

  1. Quacrk says:

    DeadBeef is ultimate music player for Linux. Nothing other don’t need.

  2. gericom says:

    @Quacrk: Nope 😛 i thing DeadBeef is more like a FB2K clone to Linux, If you want an ultimate player, give gmusicbrowser a try 😉 That is what i call ultimate music player

  3. Quacrk says:

    Yes DeadBeef is clone FB2K, I agree. But fb2k can do absolutely everything with music files, and that’s why it’s ultimate music player. I hope deadbeef somewhen achive so functionality.

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