DoThisNow – Simple Desktop Automation

This tool was submitted through mail.DoThisNow lets you do things. In more ways than you could before.

Easily create and customize a new action (such as setting your desktop background), then choose when you want that action to run (Every 5 minutes? Every 10 days? Once on July 3rd?). Or you can simply run the action directly from the handy-dandy Gnome Statusbar menu.

Just to get your started, here's just a few examples of what you can do with DoThisNow:
1. Set your Desktop Background to change every 15 minutes.
2. Set your Desktop Background to change for specific holidays.
3. Play an "On the hour" chime.
4. Take a Screenshot and save it to any folder with date and time stamps... on any schedule you like.
5. Display ergonomic break time reminders.
6. Run backup scripts when you are asleep.
7. Auto-insert any text into any application with a quick click of the menu.

Install Dothisnow in Ubuntu

first you need to download .deb package using the following command from your terminal or from here


For 64-bit users run the following command from your terminal


After downloading .deb package you need to install using the following package

sudo dpkg -i dothisnow.deb


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7 Responses

  1. svij says:

    How can I install it under 64bit Ubuntu?

    this programm looks really nice!! 😀

  2. admin says:

    It will work under 64bit ubuntu and i have updated the main article with download link

  3. svij says:

    big thx 🙂


    (you forget the “wget” in that box 😉 )

  4. admin says:

    Updated now

  5. ubuntu_user says:

    dumb question, after the installation where is the start menu or is there a command line option to start this?

  6. Douglas Woodcroft says:

    Hello. I just installed this, and I had no actions on the left side of the screen. Not very user friendly. Good try.

  7. deja says:


    Try Applications->Other

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