Foxit Reader – A free PDF document viewer

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Foxit Reader is a free PDF document viewer for the Linux platform, with a new streamlined interface, user-customized toolbar, incredibly small size, breezing-fast launch speed and rich features. This empowers PDF document users with Zoom function, Navigation function, Bookmarks, Thumbnails, Text Selection Tool, Snapshot, and Full Screen capabilities. Foxit Reader for Desktop Linux is provided by Foxit Corporation free for non-commercial use.

Before Foxit's Reader for Desktop Linux was available, users would have to download PDF Reader software that is much bigger in size and much slower and then wait for its lengthy installation process to be completed.

Now with Foxit Reader for Desktop Linux, you will not experience these previous troubles any more. Foxit reader for Desktop Linux is completely free. And the following is a list of compelling advantages of Foxit Reader for Desktop Linux:

* Incredibly small: The download size of Foxit Reader for Linux is extremely small.

* Minimal memory consumption: The memory consumption is less than 15MB.

* Amazing fast: When you run Foxit Reader, it launches instantly without any delay and loads a PDF file less than 3 seconds .

* High security and privacy: Foxit Reader highly respects the security and privacy of users and will never connect to the Internet without the user's permission.

Known Issues

Foxit Reader 1.1 for Desktop Linux

1. Can't record the Navigation Panel status when a user exits.

2. Can't keep refreshing the list of recent files in real time.

3. The page scrolling feature is invalid if finding text is not finished.

Install Foxit Reader in Ubuntu

First you need to download .deb package from here

or using the following command


Now you have .deb package install this package using the following command

sudo dpkg -i FoxitReader_1.1.0_i386.deb

Now you can open Foxit Reader via Applications > Office > FoxitReader



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  1. Reza Mosayebi says:

    Dear all,
    I am a BSc student at sharif university of Technology and need to find a spftware with its source code wich converts JPEG to PDF.can u help me?

  2. cmcanulty says:

    doesn’t seem to work in Maverick

  3. Amith Chinthaka says:

    thankx… this helped me very much

  4. iGyan says:

    Thanks for sharing,
    got bored with normal pdf reader in the ubuntu. now i can create the pdf in ubuntu.

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