gcipher – A simple “encryption” tool

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This is a simple "encryption" tool to work with common simple encryption algorithms (ROT13, Caesar, Vigenère, ...) Gcipher does not provide any strong encryption and should not be used to encrypt any private data.Gcipher can run as either a GUI, a command-line application, or a network proxy.

Install gcipher in Ubuntu

sudo aptitude install gcipher

This will complete the installation

Using gcipher


gcipher Examples

Encrypt a file using the Gie cipher:

gcipher -c Gie inputfile outputfile

Decrypt STDIN and output to STDOUT using Rot13:

gcipher -C Rot -k 13

Listen on port 1027 and act as a proxy for port 1028 on gnu.org. Decrypt the data coming from gnu.org and encrypt data going to gnu.org using Vigenere with key linux:

gcipher -c Vigenere -k linux -p gnu.org 1028 1027

Available CIPHERS

Gie -- a simple cipher doable by hand; no key is required

Ceasar -- Julius Ceasar's code; no key is required

Rot -- linear rotation; the amount of the rotation is given by the key which must be a number in the range [0, 25]

Vigenere -- a version of ROT that uses a private key; the key must be made of lower-case letters

Available options

-c CIPHER -- encrypt using the given cipher

-C CIPHER -- decrypt using the given cipher

-k KEY -- set the key for the previous cipher


gcipher GUI

If you want open GUI go to Applications--->Accessories--->GCipher

Once it opens you should see similar to the following screen

Now you need to select CIPHERS option

type the message you want to encrypt and click on encrypt

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