How To Stream Video To Your iPhone/iPad The Easy Way

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Using your wireless network, you can stream video and convert it on the fly by using the AirVideo iPhone app and server from In Method. We have installed and tested it using the following software.

Software Used

Ubuntu 9.10
Java for Windows 7/XP/Vista/2000/2008/Offline (
AirVideo (Apple iTunes)
AirVideo Server for Windows (

Procedure to follow

1. If you haven't installed wine then do so using the following command from your terminal (Applications menu -> Accessories -> Terminal)

sudo apt-get install wine

and then run


to create a WinXP default application set.

2. Java -- Download and install the full install win32 version of Java.

wget -O java-winxp.exe

( the "-O java-winxp.exe" saves the download as "java-winxp.exe" -- I had a huge long file name when we downloaded the file).

Once the download is complete, run the setup

wine ./java-winxp.exe

The GUI installer will run, just "Next" it until it completes. It will tell you that it can't run the "Windows Java Virtual Machine" -- just ignore it.

3. Download and install InMethod's AirVideo server


Run the setup using the following command

wine ./Setup225.exe

The AirVideo server GUI installer will run, again just "Next" it until it completes.

Now go to "Applications" -- "Wine" -- "Programs" -- "AirVideo Server" -- "AirVideo Server".
The AirVideo properties window will appear, and you just need to add your video directories using the "Add Disk Folder" button.

4. Firestarter -- Open Firestarter ("System" -- "Administration" -- "Firestarter").

Click on the Policy tab, and add a new "Inbound traffic policy" by clicking on the green "Plus" symbol.

In the new window "Add new inbound rule", click in the "Port" text box and enter "45631" (without the quotes).

5. Fire up the "App Store" on your iPhone and install AirVideoFree (It is a limited version by as it's free you can test it).

Once installed, open AirVideo and click on "Servers". Click on the "Plus" symbol and then "Specify Address Manually". In the "Location" text box enter your computers name or Fixed IP Address, and hit "Save".

Your computer should now be listed under the Servers window. Click on the tab and it will display all of the shared directories that you previously set up on the AirVideo Server. Browse through your video collection.

Full Credit goes here

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11 Responses

  1. Zico says:

    This does not work. After I installed airvideo server, it complained that Bonjour was not installed, and Bonjour was required for airvideo to work.

  2. Octal says:

    Same happens to me.

  3. David jameson says:

    I must be missing a very subtle reason that justifies the need for this air video. All my movies live on my home fedora server accessible via web browser. I can just click on any of them from safari on my iPad and they’re immediately watchable

  4. deja says:

    This looks like a terrible solution, I’m sorry. Running a server through a separately installed virtual machine through emulation… That is just asking for trouble. That’s way to much bulk to be worth it. “The easy way” does not describe this process, and I wouldn’t recommend it.

  5. ryan says:

    and by ‘on linux’, I meant native without WINE.

  6. Anuj Sehgal says:

    I followed your instructions but it seems there is some strange problem in my setup. Everything installs without problems, but when I try to launch Air Video, I get a cryptic message saying JavaVM Aborting. After that, nothing.

    Any ideas?

  7. subutux says:

    There is a server version of AirVideo for linux. Unsupported tough. Search the forums for help how to set this up on your linux server. I got it to work in my Ubuntu 10.04 by following some posts @ there forum.

    hope it helps!

  8. Peter says:

    This is a lazy way getting streams from MythTV to AirVideo and Iphone. After you get AirVideo working either way; add this job to your MythTV backend.

    Title: AirVideo shortcut //or what ever
    Job: ln -sf “%DIR%”/”%FILE%” /”MythTV recording.mpg”

    Execute the job via for example mythweb for a recording you like to watch and use AirVideo from Iphone to play it.

    I have AirVideo working as above with wine just because I didn’t find the Linux version in the beginning.

  9. Peter says:

    Job: ln -sf “%DIR%”/”%FILE%” <>/”MythTV recording.mpg”

  10. Peter says:

    You need a folder accessible by AirVideo for the shortcut.

  11. subutux says:

    for those who would like a how to for a native linux AirVideo Server:

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