Install Nuvola Player in ubuntu 14.04/13.10

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Nuvola Player runs a web interface of cloud music services in its own window and provides integration with a Linux desktop (multimedia keys, system tray, media player applets, dock menu, notifications and more).


Own Window

With Nuvola Player you will never accidentally close web browser with playing music and window with your music is easily accessible from your dock/task bar instead of tab bar of your web browser.


Nuvola Player shows notifications with currently playing song (Ubuntu, GNOME Fallback mode, GNOME Shell).

MPRIS interface

MPRIS interface is used by applets, plasmoids and other applications (called MPRIS clients) to control running media players. GNOME Shell Media player indicator and Ubuntu sound indicator are good examples of MPRIS clients.

Dock Manager interface

Dock Manager interface is provided by docks to facilitate extra customization of dock items. Google Music Frame adds extra menu items to control playback (play/pause, previous/next song) or exit application. Docky, Avant Window Navigator and DockBarX are well known examples of Dock Manager compliant docks.

Unity launcher integration

Nuvola Player adds extra menu items to control playback (play/pause, previous/next song) or exit application.

Multimedia keys

Nuvola Player is able to handle multimedia keys in GNOME (managed by GNOME Settings daemon) and unmanaged keys (not blocked by other applications).

Pause key binding

Nuvola Player is able to assing play/pause action to standard Pause key (usually located above the group of Home, End, Page Up, Page Down keys). This feature is designed for users without multimedia keyboard and is disabled by default. To enable it open the Preferences dialog.

Playback in background

Nuvola Player can be configured to hide the main window when close button is pressed instead of exiting to continue playback in background.
Tray Icon

Nuvola Player provides tray icon for environments without Ubuntu Sound Indicator (e.g. GNOME Shell, GNOME Fallback mode). The main window is hidden to tray icon if the close button is pressed while the music is playing.

Scrobbling to and

Nuvola Player supports scrobling to and love and ban actions love and ban actions are available from the main menu (control), tray icon and Unity quick list.

Lyrics fetching

Nuvola Player can show lyrics from AZLyrics.

Install Nuvola Player in ubuntu 14.04/13.10

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nuvola-player-builders/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nuvolaplayer



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