Linux Theme Mockups for Firefox 4.0/3.7

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In addition to theme and UI changes already discussed for Firefox 3.7 and 4.0, there are some proposed Linux specific visual changes:

  • Consistent Back/Forward Buttons: Use the same back/forward shape as on the other platforms. The back button would use the same texture as the other buttons however it would be round and larger.
  • Buttons vs Icons: Switching to a button+glyph style for the toolbar items. This would be instead of the more representational style that is widely used. It also is a deviation from the common system standard of having icons and then a button shape on hover.

  • Curvier Tab Shape: Match the tabs to the proposed tabs on Windows and Mac while keeping the native texture and color.
  • Removing Toolbar Separators: Reduces visual complexity as well as maintaining external consistency.

Linux Theme Mockups for Firefox 3.7

Update to Visual Styling


Alternative Icon Treatment


Theme Variations on Various System Themes

Clearlooks Theme


Dust Sands Theme


Human (Brown) Theme


Check more details from here

Linux Theme Mockups for Firefox 4.0

Major changes:

  • Tabs-on-top: Defaut tabs to top of UI.
  • Hiding the Menu Bar: Hide the menu bar and add Page and Tools buttons.


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6 Responses

  1. Brett Howard says:

    Cause when I think browsers the most important thing isn’t how accurately or fast it renders a page… Its how curvy are the tabs and is that button going to be big enough for me to click on!

    I’d like to see it load faster, render faster, and run more efficiently on slower hardware while still looking like a professional browser.

  2. CruelAngel says:

    I wonder how will it get the info on how is the titlebar designed, considering the enormous ammounts of window border decorator engines of GNU/Linux. Or will they just write one for metacity/mutter and kwin, case closed? Or will they even bother? They might just make the default to match some random theme they like, and the user must change the theme to his liking, if it does not match with the default?

  3. Chris says:

    I’m really digging the visual design of these mock-ups. I hope to see these in the future…

    I’m also with Brett, though, I’m sure they’re planning on working on that too. I want Firefox to start up _alot_ faster. Honestly, I don’t see why it takes so long to start up like it is. My laptop has a solid state drive _and_ the profile directory is a tmpfs (RAM filesystem). My desktop has a standard 300~GB hard drive, less and slower RAM, and a significantly slower hard drive. My laptop has Firefox and my desktop has Chrome. Guess who starts up faster even with the _significant_ disadvantages? That’s right, my desktop is faster.

  4. Why, oh WHY do hypes exist? This mockup of Fx4 looks just like chrome. I honestly don’t know what’s so good about tabs on top, I honestly ‘dis’like it a lot.

  5. Gerik says:

    Thanks for ALL!

  6. pqwoerituytrueiwoq says:

    Please leave the toolbar dividers or at least leave them as an option
    Personally I prefer the tabs at the bottom not the top of the page I mean by the status bar
    something like this:
    I am using XP this second firfox 3.6
    on Ubuntu 9.04 i am using a addon I made (a over-sized stylish theme in addon format) in combination with a theme (strata for linux) with a little more css to have a close button on each tab at all times

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