Script command make typescript of terminal session in Linux

Script makes a typescript of everything printed on your terminal. It is useful for students who need a hardcopy record of an interactive session as proof of an assignment, as the typescript file can be printed out later with lpr.

If the argument file is given, script saves all dialogue in file. If no file name is given, the typescript is saved in the file typescript.

Script command Syntax

script [?a] [file]

?a -- Append the output to file or typescript, retaining the priorcontents.

If you want to start recording you need to type the following command from your terminal


You should see similar to the following output if you don't menction any file location

Script started, file is typescript

From now it will record all the command line activity.When you're finished recording whatever it is that you want to record, type [Ctrl]-d or exit, and your script session will end.

Output when you end your session as follows

Script done, file is typescript

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  1. Tom Cranston says:

    Where do you look to find a typescript when you want to review it?

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