Streamtuner2 – Internet Radio Browser

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streamtuner2 is an internet radio browser. It looks up the categorized music stations from various directory services, like:

* SHOUTcast (works mostly)

* / icecast (basic function)

* live365 (standard)

* DMOZ/Google stations (ported from st1)

It is written in Python and therefore easy to extend. It mimics streamtuner1 in look and feel, but is an independent rewrite. It's still in a very early development state. It is neither feature-complete nor optimized for speed. It will always consume more memory than the original C implementation.

Planned features for streamtuner2 include: loading of favicons for each music station. Support for st1 plugins which were written in Python as well, dynamic "script" plugins which capture pure web stations.
Additionally a console-only mode is planned, because station lists can thus be exported as JSON or YAML or other list formats.

Install Streamtuner2 in Ubuntu

Download .deb package from here once you have .deb package install by double clicking on it or use the following command from your terminal

sudo dpkg -i streamtuner2-1.9.9.deb

Using Streamtuner2

You can open Applications --->Sound & Video---->Streamtuner2

Once it opens you should see settings screen

streamtuner2 main window

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3 Responses

  1. Pablo Chiodo says:

    One TIP: In order to record the songs , I have to change the x-terminal-emulator -e by xterm -e, then record start working like a charm.
    Go to Edit –> Properties –> Player

    under recording make the change replacing x-terminal-emulator -e by xterm -e, keep the rest the same

  2. Darkwulfx says:

    I tried “xterm -e” as recommended above but it will not work for me. If I read it wrong let me know.

    My Streamtuner2 setting for record says:

    “x-terminal-emulator -e streamripper %srv”

    and it records fine.
    I love streamtuner2 except I would like some presets that I can load for my streams that are not listed. Why Streamtuner is still available on Ubuntu repositories is beyond me; it doesnt work at all. Streamtuner2 does work.

  3. Gert says:

    I installed streamtuner2 on Ubuntu 14.04.1. However it shows no single radiostation. Instead I see ‘no contents found on directory server’ in the stream tabs, and ‘category parsed empty.’ in the status line below. What is missing (other radio programs, like ‘Radio Tray’ work like a charm)?

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