Tyrs – A Twitter client based on ncurse

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Tyrs is a Twitter and Identi.ca client based on ncurses. It is easily configurable. It allows you all basic manipulations such as searching, directly sending a message, and mentions. Tyrs let you configure all shortcuts, colors, and more parameters.


A list of some interesting features:

Supports Identi.ca and Twitter services

OAuth authentication.

UTF-8 support.

Tweets, Retweets, Follow, Unfollow.

Mentions, Replies


Direct messages

Transarency and colors.

Based on ncurses.

Customization of keys binding.

Customization of colors.

Easily configurable, readable configuration.

Opens URL with just single key.

Install tyrs on ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following commands

apt-get install python-setuptools python-distutils-extra

wget http://src.nicosphere.net/tyrs/tyrs-{revision}.tar.gz

tar xvf tyrs-{revision}.tar.gz && cd tyrs

python setup.py build

sudo easy_install dist/tyrs-{revision}-py2.7.egg

Note:- You need to replace {revision} with correct tyrs version number


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3 thoughts on “Tyrs – A Twitter client based on ncurse

  1. Can’t go beyond ‘sudo easy_install dist/tyrs-{revision}-py2.7.egg’ stage. I get this error:
    error: Not a URL, existing file, or requirement spec: ‘dist/tyrs-0.3.2-py2.7.egg’

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