Ubuntu Forums Firefox Add-ons

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This is the list of Ubuntu Forums Firefox Add-ons.You can use one them to access ubuntu forum posts very easily.

Ubuntu Forums Menu

This simple little extension adds navigation menus for ubuntuforums.org to both the menu bar and the context menu.

Download latest Ubuntu forums Menu add-on from here

Installation Instructions

Download the file to your PC, then rename the file without the .zip extension, and then open the .xpi file in Firefox (File-Open File) and you should get the normal add-on installation window.


Ubuntu Forums Menu

Ubuntuusers Menu

ubuntuusers Menu is an auxiliary menu for Firefox by which you can access nearly all areas of the German Ubuntu portal ubuntuusers.de, the international forum ubuntuforums.org and about 100 other (international) websites.

Links to...

-- User Control Panel
-- Private Messages
-- Forum
-- Wiki
-- Ikhaya
-- Planet
-- Search


-- Projects


-- Forum
-- User Control Panel
-- Private Messages & Subscriptions
-- Search

more than 100 links to (mainly international)

-- Homepages of Ubuntu + Derivates,
-- Wikis and Documentations,
-- Ubuntu-Forums,
-- Planets,
-- Launchpad etc.,
-- Websites about hardware, software etc.,
-- further distributions,
-- videos & audio,
-- Linux news,
-- reading (PDF magazines / books),
-- and much more...


-- favorites sub menu: integrate 10 own links
-- hide main-categories
-- integrate custom pages (e.g. own profile)
-- English or German (depends on the system language)

Download Ubuntuusers Menu from Here



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    Very nice extension……very useful for ubuntu users

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