Ubuntu Tip:How to Play VCD using VLC Player

This is very simple tutorial how to open VCD using VLC Player

Method 1

Run the following command from terminal

/usr/bin/vlc vcd://

Method 2

Open your VLC Player Go to Media---> Open Disc---> Select SVCD/VCD option

If you have any other idea please shre with us.

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10 Responses

  1. Vibin says:

    Nope , I have tried all these options , still my vcd not working , its not even mounting , when I played the same through Win XP everything works fine.

  2. qwerty says:

    vibin: That’s not a bug in vlc, but in Ubuntu.

  3. user says:

    Simply right click the folder and select vlc from open-with. (add vlc if there isn’t)

  4. gijo says:

    i had tried d command line it worked 4 many vcds but for one wen i give d command an interface error was highlited stating that there r no suitable interface modules

  5. Rick says:

    xine player works without doing anything extra. I tried 4 different suggested players with no luck on this particular vcd.put this in terminal sudo apt-get install xine-ui

  6. Kermudjin says:

    I’m running 64-bit Ubuntu 10.4 and the problem I had was finding the SVCD device. I have a DVD+RW and a DVD ROM on my computer. Once mounted, accessing the disk from the desktop used address /media/cdrom0 – that doesn’t work. Using the auto-open used address /dev/sh – also wrong. I decided to try every possible address in /media and /dev directories. I finally found it at /dev/cdrom1. Once that was sorted out, all worked fine. So, insert the disk, open vlc, select the disk option, tell it what kind it is, and then find the address – in Ubuntu it is in /dev.

  7. rana says:

    still getting error “VLC could not read the file and File reading failed:”
    Your input can’t be opened:
    VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘vcd:///media/floppy1’. Check the log for details.

  8. Angel says:

    Thank u! I tried with right click open with vlc but didn’t work!! With this “trick” is cool!!

  9. karan says:

    thanks …. i was able to play my vcd …

  10. izaa says:

    Thank a lot it work ;D

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