Umarks 2:Backup and restore Ubuntu installed packages on multiple machines

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Umarks 2 is Backup and restore Ubuntu installed packages on multiple machines, on a single machine after a clean install of Ubuntu or to restore a previous selection of packages.

The extension allows to generate lists of installed Ubuntu packages, that you can export to your desktop, then import into another Ubuntu system running Firefox and Umarks. It can also be used as a application restoration system, since you can store multiple backups in the same machine. The extension will also get deb packages from the backup cache, if available, or download the missing ones before installing. Packages that are already installed on the target system, but weren’t installed when/where the backup was created, are automatically removed, allowing you to replicate the same collection of applications on multiple systems or restoring your favorite applications after a clean install of Ubuntu.

Additional Features

* display information about which packages from a backup will be installed and which will be removed from the target machine
* provides web search functionality, so you can easily find info about each package
* allows to install or removes packages individually
* allows to backup and restore ppa repositories sources
* allows to download packages to the cache any time you want and install them individually

Note:- This is still in beta version

Download from here

Check Demo videos from here


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