VATStuff – Double entry bookkeeping and VAT accounting package

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WARNING -- still in development and not yet ready for live use, though any testing is appreciated.

VATStuff provides a double-entry bookkeeping system, with facilities to create purchase orders, invoices and to record costs and calculate VAT returns. VAT calculations are designed to meet UK regulations, and are not applicable to other states.

Even for non-VAT registered companies, VATStuff enables you to record your transactions and produce invoices.

VATStuff requires python version 2.5 or later and depends on a number of libraries, which you need to install. These are; WxPython, PIL and Reportlab.

Install VATStuff in Ubuntu

VATStuff requires python version 2.5 or later (but not 3+). To check your version, type ‘python --version' at a terminal prompt

Download latest version from here

Install following packages from your terminal

sudo apt-get install python-wxtools python-imaging python-reportlab

Once these are installed, place the file vatstuff_0_4.tgz into your home directory (or any other directory which you may prefer), and untar it using the command:

tar -xf vatstuff_0_4.tgz

This will create a directory ‘vatstuff' with everything beneath it. Should you want to uninstall, delete this directory and its contents.

To run VATStuff, change into the vatstuff directory, and double click on -- or from the terminal type ‘./'


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  1. Bo says:

    Awesome! Now if we could only get an option for other EU states…

    Long Live EU.

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