Wii Backup Fusion – Simply to use backup solution for your Wii games

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The complete and simply to use backup solution for your Wii games


-- List games from images, WBFS partitions and DVD with all game infos
-- Transfer game images to WBFS partition or file
-- Transfer game from DVD to WBFS or image
-- Patch game images (directly or while transfer)
-- Extract game contents from WBFS or images
-- Convert between game image formats
-- Diff images after transfer
-- Split game images while transfer or convert
-- Compare Files and WBFS game lists
-- Additional info tab for a compact overview and game cover (#)
-- Load 3D and HQ game covers in different languages (#)
-- Titles and covers (#) in different languages
-- Cover viewer for full HQ game covers (#) with save possibility
-- Update title databases in all available languages (#)
-- Check and repair WBFS files and partitions
-- Create and format WBFS partitions and files
-- Supports scrubbing (data, update and channel partitions)
-- Supports GameCube images (experimental!)
-- Supported formats: ISO, CISO, WIA, WDF, WBFS files, WBFS partitions
-- Supports aqua or brushed metal style on Mac OS X

Install Wii Backup Fusion in ubuntu

Download deb package from here once you have deb package you can install by double clicking on it.


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  1. deriox says:

    Why is this news? Last software update was about year ago… I hope someone picks up the source code and keep developing it, but it seems unlikely.

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