23rd Jan 2010 Ubuntu User Day

User Days was created to be a set of courses offered during a one day period to teach the beginning or intermediate Ubuntu user the basics to get them started with Ubuntu. User Days is a series of online courses where you can:

  • learn how to install Ubuntu
  • find equivalent programs in Ubuntu
  • learn how to get help
  • learn the basics of how to use Ubunu
  • learn how to get involved in the community

The Timetable

Saturday, January 23rd 2010

Time Subject Presenter
12:00 UTC Introduction cjohnston pleia2 Pendulum markthecarp
13:00 UTC Switching to Ubuntu & Installation Nagendra
14:00 UTC Command Line Basics markthecarp
15:00 UTC Finding Helpful Resources starcraft.man
16:00 UTC Restricted Drivers FirasKraiem
17:00 UTC Using Launchpad NigelBabu
18:00 UTC Seahorse and GnuPG mhall119
19:00 UTC Choosing hardware that works with Ubuntu MagicFab
20:00 UTC Partitioning 101 popey
21:00 UTC Ubuntu Equivalent programs cprofitt
22:00 UTC Getting involved in the Ubuntu Community JorgeCastro
23:00 UTC Trusted Software, Where to find it, and why paultag
0:00 UTC Package Management Basics Hellow
01:00 UTC Using Ubuntu One shrini
02:00 UTC Using IRC nhandler

If you want to join this class check here

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  1. madhu says:

    Nice job…it bring back me the memory of linux installation fests that are hosted by linux people

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