February 10, 2014 · Backup, Package Mgmt · (No comments)

Aptik is new application to make packages installation easier, it is an ideal application after fresh Ubuntu installation if you have already backup PPA list with Apkit. It can backup PPAs to the file ‘ppa.list' and restore at anytime.
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November 3, 2011 · Package Mgmt · 4 comments

Many people try purging packages and reinstalling them to reset them, but it sometimes removes other packages with it, so it becomes a headache (especially when you are trying to reset the X11 configuration files, removing a few hundred packages with it).

To solve these problems, lkjoel made a script called purgeconfig that will artificially reset the configuration files (manually removing the configuration files, marking the packages as purged, then reinstalling the packages).
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July 27, 2011 · Package Mgmt · 1 comment

From the author

This script can only work if you use this script instead of apt-get to install/upgrade/remove/purge/downgrade your packages.
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