Disable netplan on Ubuntu 17.10

Netpaln is default network configuration tool introduced in ubuntu 17.10 and if you want to disable this to go back to old ways of configuring network use the following procedure.

Netplan is a YAML network configuration abstraction for various backends (NetworkManager, networkd).

It is a utility for easily configuring networking on a system. It can be used by writing a YAML description of the required network interfaces with what they should be configured to do. From this description it will generate the required configuration for a chosen renderer tool.

Note:- This is not recommended and this is for advanced users only

Edit the /etc/default/grub file

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Add the following line


Save and exit the file

Now update the grub using the following command

sudo update-grub

You need to install ifupdown package

sudo apt install ifupdown

Now you can add all the interface details in /etc/network/interfaces file and reboot the ubuntu PC/server.

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9 Responses

  1. Matt Trudel says:

    There is no point in making the grub change at all after install. The only thing that matters is to reinstall ifupdown. This “netcfg/…” debconf key is only used at install time, in debian-installer.

    I want to stress that this is not recommended. You’ll find that for most use cases, netplan is better than ifupdown. If you need to do something that doesn’t work, or you need help, better to ask in #netplan on Freenode so we can see if it can be added.

  2. Pete says:

    Don’t see the point of netplan beside making it much harder to configure a static network. If there is a way to move back to /etc/network/interface – would be my preferred option.
    I’m looking may switch to debian – hope they don’t go this route

  3. Bahadir YILDIZ says:

    Netplan doesn’t help much other than adding another step of new config terms. It also requires strict formatting like 1970s. Linux is made to simplify thing, not make them harder. Creating unnecessary configuration terms will make linux users less willing to use the system. I personally will be switching to another distro.

  4. Cary Bielenberg says:

    20 year Linux veteran & I can not get netplan to work & am over spending hours so I can get something as basic as networking going. What a regressive step. Does anyone have a working solution to get the old interface file recognized?

  5. Nick says:

    Installed Ubuntu 18.04, after a couple of days the NetworkManager stopped working, cause some ctl exited with error code. Asking too often to restart Network manager.
    I followed your instructions, result: total collapse of OS: Now it boots to a black screen:
    Thank you very much!
    I think I am going back to Windows.

  6. Guillermo says:

    Does not work. “netplan-enp2s0” still there.

  7. Steve says:

    Thank you, I will try this later this week. Netplan is something that MS would have dreamed up; abstract a simple system to make it more complex for zero good reasons on a server. It takes the user yet one more layer away from the straight forward, logical ways of 17.04 net config. It’s just an extremely shortsighted design decision.

  8. Fermulator says:

    netplan is dumb

    if it ain’t broke don’t change it!
    so annoying

  9. Jamiel Sharief says:

    I agree totally, not sure why they dreamed up this netplan. Its giving me all sorts of issues when developing on a vritualbox server, not sure i will want to deploy Ubuntu 18 on a production server without having the previous stability.

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