Dkopp – Copy or back-up disk files to DVD

dkopp is a Linux utility program for copying disk files to recordable DVD media. With dkopp, you can copy your files to DVD for safekeeping or archival storage, and verify that the copy is good (no read errors). dkopp is a free program licensed under the GNU General Public License.
Three kinds of backup are available: full, incremental, and accumulate. A full backup copies all specified files and leaves no other files on the DVD. An incremental backup copies only those files needed to make a prior dkopp DVD match the disk files exactly: only new or changed files are copied. This is normally much faster than a full backup. An Incremental backup also removes DVD files that are no longer present on the disk. Thus, after an incremental backup, the DVD will exactly match the disk. An accumulate backup is like an incremental backup, but unmatched DVD files are not removed.

First you need to download .deb package from here or using the following command


For 64-bit users


Install this .deb package by doule clicking on that package or run the following command from your terminal

sudo dpkg -i dkopp-5.1-32.deb


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  1. cassos says:

    I am looking for a similar soft but to make incremental back-up on portable hard-drive/memory stick etc… within the KDE environment. Any idea if such a soft is already available ?

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