Eventstat – A tool to measure system events

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Eventstat is a program that dumps the current active system events.

Install eventstat on ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo apt-get install eventstat

Eventstat Syntax

eventstat [options] [delay [count]]


eventstat options are as follow:

-h -- show help

-n event_count -- only display the first event_count number of top events.

-q -- run quietly, only really makes sense with -r option.

-r csv_file -- output gathered data in a comma separated values file. This can be then imported and graphed using your favourite open source spread sheet.

-s -- report short process name from /proc/pid/cmdline in CSV output.This reports just the process name.

-l -- report long process name from /proc/pid/cmdline in CSV output. This reports the process name and all the command line arguments.

-C -- report the sample event count in the CSV output rather than the default events per second rate.

-S -- report the minimum, maximum, average and population standard deviation at the end of the CSV output.

-d -- strip full directory path off the process name in the CSV output.

-t threshold -- ignore samples where the event delta per second less than the given threshold.

-c -- report cumulative events rather than events per sample period.

Eventstat Examples

sudo eventstat

Dump events every second until stopped.


sudo eventstat -n 20 60

Dump the top 20 events every 60 seconds until stopped.

sudo eventstat 10 5

Dump events every 10 seconds just 5 times.

sudo eventstat 10 5 -q -s -r results.csv

Quietly dump events every 10 seconds just 5 times into a CSV file with short process name.

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