Ferret – Copy-detection tool

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Ferret locates duplicate text or code in multiple text documents or source files. The program is designed to detect copying (collusion) within a given set of files. Ferret works equally well with documents in natural language (such as English, German, etc) and with source-code files in a wide range of programming languages.

Typical uses for Ferret include:

document analysis, tracking changes to documents;
software developers, looking for duplicate code to refactor;
software evolution, studying how code has changed over time;
teachers, looking for collusion or plagiarism in student work; and,
tracking the amount of new material in the current version of a text or program.

Features of Ferret are:

compares text documents containing natural language or computer language
automatic conversion of standard word processor or pdf formats to text
processing specialised for major programming languages
choice of similarity measures to highlight individual or group similarity
quick loading and comparison of documents, up to computer's memory capacity
display of all document comparisons, ranked by a similarity score
detailed display of individual document comparisons, highlighting any text in common with the group or uniquely with compared document
save result table and comparisons to pdf or xml formats, for printing or further analysis
display of unique trigrams per document/group

Supported Document Types

Ferret internally analyses the text within documents. For certain word-processed or pdf documents, Ferret can automatically extract the text. The following list provides the recognised type and extension of document or computer code.

Text documents (.txt)
Word processor formats (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .abw)
Pdf documents (.pdf)
Computer languages
C/C++ (.h, .c, .cpp)
C# (.cs)
Clojure (.clj)
Groovy (.groovy)
Haskell (.hs, .lhs)
Java (.java)
Lisp (.lisp, .lsp)
Prolog (.pl)
Python (.py)
Racket (.rkt)
Ruby (.rb)
Scheme (.scm, .ss)
Visual Basic (.vb)
XML/HTML (.xml, .html)

Install Ferret 5.3 in ubuntu 12.10

First you need to download .deb package from here .Once you have deb package you can install by double clicking on it.



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