How to delete recently opened files history in ubuntu 14.04

This simple tutorial explains How to delete recently opened files in ubuntu 14.04.This tutorial is for beginners.

To delete your history from dash search use the following procedure

Go to System Settings and Open Security & Privacy


Under Files and Applications tab click on Clear Usage Data


You can also turn off the "Record file and Application usage" to prevent system to record your recent files and applications.


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4 Responses

  1. jtyler says:

    their is no file called open security and privacy so where do you go to clear downloads files.
    make in plan english. the background that you show is no Ubuntu 14.04 at all.

  2. javier says:

    It worked for me, thanks.

  3. Liam says:

    My security and privacy window does not have a files and applications tab, what do I do?

  4. Andrew Wylie says:

    This does not work. I have items shown when I enter a few letters in the search box, but the files have been deleted. I cannot get rid of them from the search. I have noticed before that ‘delete for all time’ did not work, also there are obvious bugs that will not allow me to delete from a specified date. In fact there’s a screen painting error why I try that.
    This whole application is poor – why can I not just right click on an item and select to delete it?

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