How to fix FirewallD is not running error on ubuntu 11.10

When you try to add printer you might get the following error message


This is known bug#871985

WORKAROUND: As an alternative to the printer configuration tool from the new Gnome Shell control center, you can still use system-config-printer. To open it, just press Alt+F2, type system-config-printer and press Enter.

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5 thoughts on “How to fix FirewallD is not running error on ubuntu 11.10

  1. Please use the command to add a new printer:


    czerone Reply:

    It works on 12.04.

    Many Thanks.


  2. Thanks. This worked around the problem for me too. How can I fix the actual problem? What is this Firewalld business? I am using Zorin OS6


  3. This worked for me, a very good alternative! This “bug” appears in Ubuntu 12.4. It does not handle multiple printers available on the local network very well. Auto-identifies a Brother as an HP. The HP is turned off.


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