How to install Turpial 1.6.6 in ubuntu Using PPA

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Turpial is a microblogging client written in Python. It is lightweight, functional and does not harm the ozone layer

Turpial Features

Microblogging Client

Turpial is a mocroblogging client for social sites and networks such as Twitter and

Low Resources

Developed under a low-fat diet, Turpial eats only what is required. This makes it the perfect option to use on netbooks and limited resources computers.

Desktop Integration

Turpial integrates with your own desktop notificactions allowing you to enjoy your social networks with the theme of your choice.

Optimized API

Many things have been improved at the heart of the bird, so you can feel more stable and secure while microblogging under critical circumstances

Mention Asistant

You no longer need to remember that wierd and odd username your friend chose because she thought it was “cool”, just find her in your Friends List and start a conversation.

Tons of Functions

In its light package, Turpial has support for all your Tweeting and Denting needs. From Easy Mentions, Replys and Favorites, to RT (new and old), Direct Messages, Follow and Unfollows and many more.

Selective Tweets and Time Line

Turpial’s got Attitude, it allows you to temporarily “silence” any user you want so thier tweets don’t fill you time line with their not-so-often spam. You don’t even need to unfollow them, and you can do/undo this as many times as you wish and NO ONE will ever find out.

URL Shortener and Image Uploads

Everyday more and more services join the Turpial ranks, whether it is to make your URL smaller or show your followers your pictures, the bird is growing.

Extended Mode

If one column is not enought to enjoy all you Twitter or experiance, Extend Turpial to a 3 column mode and behold the greatness of your timelin and lists in a glance.

Install turpial 1.6.6 on ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:effie-jayx/turpial
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install turpial

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