How to install two microsoft fonts (office 2007) ‘APA’ or ‘Turabian’?

My daughter's school requires her to use one of two microsoft fonts (office 2007) called ‘APA' or ‘Turabian'. I wish to print a list fonts used by OpenOffice by name in their respective fonts.  This will allow my daughter's teacher to select the font that she will accept.  I could do this in mc-Word but can not find a similar process in oo-Word.

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  1. Peter says:

    jwillar also asked “I wish to print a list fonts used by OpenOffice by name in their respective fonts.” That sounds like a great idea, it would make a very good reference list. Do you know how to do this?

  2. wzzrd says:

    You cannot be serious about this. How can a school make the usage of fonts only available in an extremely expensive and platform dependent product obligatory for homework assignments?

  3. Brian says:

    My wife is getting a MS in library science and the school she attends ‘requires’ students to purchase MS Office. This seems a bit hypocritical as one of the articles of faith for librarians is open access to information. She’s been using openoffice and this is her last semester, so it hasn’t been that big of a deal, but it does seem a bit odd that the program doesn’t try and encourage its students to use open standards.

  4. A. says:

    I agree with Wzzrd – how can a school prescribe what _fonts_ an essay is written using? The font is just the final presentation form. Perhaps she should hand it in in a digitally signed plaintext file instead????

  5. jwillar says:

    Interesting discussion, but I still want to print a list of fonts in their font style. I’m sure the teacher will be able to select one that is equivalent/acceptable. Now, how do it?

  6. M. says:

    “APA” and “Turabian” are citation styles for articles, reports, etc. The former stand for “American Psychological Association” citation style and the later is based in the Chicago Style. At this moment I am using an extension for firefox called Zotero ( with a plugin for openoffice that are very useful for write in any style. Go to the website for a tutorial.

  7. wzzrd says:

    Jwillar, I have no idea how to do this. And as it would be a matter of principle for me, I really do not think the ‘how’ is the core of your problem. It is the ‘why’. I think you should stand firm and not give in to rediculous requirements like these.

    If I am mistaken of the issue of the whether a quotation style is something different than a font, please correct me. Enforcing a quotation style (that is, a *format* in which to quote, not the way it visually looks) is okay by me, enforcing a proprietary font is not.

  8. M. says:

    “APA” and “Turabian” are not proprietary fonts. They are formats and styles to cite references in writing. I think that the confusion may lie in the fact that Office 2007 has an layout or template to write and put reference in APA Style that may can facilitate the use of these formats. But as I said before, you can achieve better results using openoffice and zotero firefox extension. There are reports that Office 2007 has problems in the layout of the APA style. For an overview of the APA Style as an example check this:

  9. jwillar says:

    All, And I thought they were ‘fonts’. What “M” says makes sense, I’ll give the owl.english reference a try. I think the school/teacher would be open to an open source alternative if I could show what the alternative were. I’ll get back on this later this weeks. Thanks for all your help/input. I still wonder why there isn’t a app or process in “OO” that will print out a list of fonts in their native font style.

  10. anita says:

    APA and Turabian are document styles, not fonts. Honestly, if this is her last year of college and she doesn’t know this, you need to wonder where your money went, and she will probably have difficulty on the Job. There are a number of free templates available on line for these formats, check out the one M listed, it is one of the best.

    In the meantime, if she is looking for FONTS, generally schools now use Times New Roman 12, Arial 12, or occasionally Courier. Her best bet is Times New Roman 12, and it is available in Open Org, we use it all the time.

  11. Marcus says:

    @Jwillar: Andrew Pitonyak is the man. He wrote 100s of macros for and published a book as well. On this website you find a “font document” containing a macro making a list of all fonts installed. Works nicely:

    @Anita: These are all Microsoft fonts and are only available on a Windows system, not per se in

  12. Rob says:

    Actually Marcus, Times New Roman, Arial, and Courier are all examples of TrueType Fonts. To the best of my knowledge, that entity is not owned by Microsoft. In fact, the standard was originally developed by Apple for Mac OS System 7. They in turn licensed TrueType to Microsoft. If you are on a Linux box (I assume you are, being in this forum), you may want to have a look at FreeType, an independent, GPL’d version of the TrueType standard.

    I have linked below a site that offers free TrueType fonts with no license requirements. No, sorry, you won’t find MSFT standards (the above, Comic Sans, etc.) there. Those you will have to pay for, plus sign a EULA.

  13. Peter says:

    There are two programs which may be interesting to preview fonts. Both are installed with Synaptic –

    Gnome Specimen 0.4
    (not a bad font viewer but does not let you print a list)

    Fonty Python
    (not sure I understand this one fully atm …)

  14. Richard says:

    These are reference styles, not fonts. There are no compatability issues. Linux can manage citation styles just fine (e.g. zotero, jabref, bibtex).

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