Httpry – HTTP logging and information retrieval tool

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httpry is a tool, written in C, designed for displaying and logging HTTP traffic. It parses traffic, online and offline,in an easy to read format. Daemonization is also supported for long-term logging. Before I discovered httpry I was parsing HTTP traffic from pcaps with ngrep and lots of ugly sed and awk to make my results readable. Doing this wasn’t very pretty and tended to consume more time than I would have liked, however, with httpry none of the extra work is needed.

Install httpry on Ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo apt-get install build-essential git libpcap0.8-dev

git clone

cd httpry


sudo make install

Using Httpry

httpry available options


By default httpry listens on port 80 and 8080. The BPF filter would be: ‘port (80 or 8080)’

The default output format is this:


Httpry Example

httpry -i eth0 -n 3


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