Introducing Ubuntu One Files App for Android

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It’s been on it’s way for a while now, so we are pleased to announce that our new free Android files app is ready for download from the Android Market.

You can secure and manage your photos, files and folders directly from your Android device anywhere in the world. You can browse, select and download all your files and folders as well as upload and send files directly from your phone.

What’s really cool is that Ubuntu One files automatically backs up photographs taken from your Android phone’s camera directly to your Ubuntu One personal cloud. Giving you peace of mind knowing that all the great photos on your mobile are backed up and available for you to share. Speaking of sharing, you can do that directly from the app – just tap and hold on the file or photo you want to share and instantly post it straight to Facebook, Twitter, or your blog.

Via Canonical Blog

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  1. Eddie Colon says:

    Is there any chance that you can offer this app to Blackberry users ? I have a Blackberry Torch with the new ver 6 OS. And I am a long-time Ubuntu user.

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