launch2net – Mobile Internet Connection Manager for Ubuntu

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launch2net for Ubuntu Linux is a professional mobile Internet Connection Manager for Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04 users. launch2net will recognize your type of modem or ExpressCard as well as the SIM card and does not need intricate driver installations or configurations.

The clean GUI displays the most important information at a glance, like network information, signal strength, online time and data throuput.

A well arranged statistic window delivers detailed information about the online time and data consumption of each connection in addition to the modem type used. An icon in the task bar offers access to the most important functions of launch2net for Ubuntu Linux.

Simle to use: No long searches for modem drivers or connection settings. launch2net gets you online simple and fast with a few clicks.

Impressive SMS text message manger: From now on you can use launch2net to send, receive and manage your SMS text messages with support of multipart and multigroup messages.

You can check the Compatible devices from here

Install launch2net in Ubuntu 9.04/8.10


  • Ubuntu 9.04/8.10
  • Acompatible modem

First you need to download .deb packages from here

Once you downloaded the package install using the following command

sudo dpkg -i packagename


In this example i am downloading ubuntu 9.04 32-bit version .deb file


Install .deb file

sudo dpkg -i launch2net2_1.6.0-0_i386.deb

This will complete the installation

You can check User manual from here






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11 Responses

  1. huaweiyboy says:

    my mom uses huawei usb stick on Vista for mobile internet, but I will be giving her back her’ s laptop to whom I placed ubuntu instead of xp, so this was point that worried me how I will get this mobile internet get working on ubuntu, and yes her it is…. thanks

  2. Abel R. says:

    Does this allow me to use my Blackberry as a tethered modem?

  3. Ratman99uk says:

    In answer to above question. There are no blackberry models listed in the hardware support list. Perhaps you could email them and request it. I would think sending / receving sms from a laptop via a blackberry has appeal as well.

  4. Khrm says:

    I have Huawei E1550 usb modem. How can I make it work with this software.

  5. John Lewis says:

    I don’t really understand why this software is here beyond its SMS capability. The built in support for mobile broadband in Ubuntu Jaunty is pretty good and picks up most UTMS/3G modems. It doesn’t and won’t cost a penny in future.

    Any modems that don’t work out of the box with Network Manager probably won’t work with L2N either as there are devices the kernel doesn’t know about yet and also other devices that require switching from “storage” mode.

    To get such devices to work you may have to use the generic usb_serial kernel module or usb_modeswitch (to switch from storage mode) or, in my case, write a udev rule to eject the device (which automatically takes it out of storage mode).

  6. Markus Fischer says:

    After connecting the second USB-Icon225-Stick after a few days, you’ll get confronted with the message “Dear customer, please buy the full version of L2N Linux Edition”, refusing any connection…!!!

    That’s not the clean way of trying to put up a business!

  7. Xcallibor says:

    This surely sounds like a good application. My question is I need to know if this application will be able to pick up a Cell phone connection? (say a Nokia cellphone connected through serial cable)

  8. haxxor says:

    Any chance they’ll release a version that supports ubuntu karmic(9.10)?

  9. Wilson Eduardo Fonalbeo says:

    Is this tool measurably BETTER than the infamous Network Manager? Please say yes. I am soo tired of that broken piece of ill-behaved trash.

  10. Ari Lemmke says:

    What is this i386?


    We’re having 64-bit era now. FYI


  11. Omid says:

    I tried to install the packages for interpid and jaunty on lucid but they failed. Any solutions for get the ‘Icon XY’ modem working? Thanks.

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