Magic Trackpad drivers land in Ubuntu Maverick and Upstream!

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ll note that I’ve been spending some time adding Magic Trackpad functionality to the current Magic Mouse driver in the kernel. I’m pleased to report that the changes have landed both in Ubuntu and upstream in Jiri Kosina’s HID tree as it awaits merging into Linus’ tree. It will be available in Ubuntu 10.10 and hopefully in Linux 2.6.37.

There is still one remaining issue with the driver, however. The protocol used by the device is unique, and this poses challenges when trying to work with the HID layer. In Ubuntu we are papering over the issue, but Michael Poole has a patch that may resolve it once and for all. I plan to test the patch out soon, and I hope it is suitable for inclusion upstream.

Via Canonical

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