New Notification System for GNOME and KDE

Canonical the makers of Ubuntu about to introduce a new desktop notification system proposal. New changes should improve the usability of the Linux desktop including desktop notification system for both GNOME and KDE. From the Mark Shuttleworth blog.

The key proposals we are making are that:

  • There should be no actions on notifications.
  • Notifications should not be displayed synchronously, but may be queued. Our implementation of the notification display daemon will display only one notification at a time, others may do it differently.

That’s pretty much it. There are some subtleties and variations, but these are the key changes we are proposing, and which we will explore in a netbook device with a partner, as well as in the general Ubuntu 9.04 release, schedule gods being willing.

You can read more about proposal including mockup video that shows new notification system here.

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  1. Defaboy2v1 says:

    I think that ubuntu notification system is a little stupid. For what I get the notification when i cannot click on it and display the thing that i have been notificated of? Another example. Bluetooth devices can be managed only by notifications (Reciveing files, pairing devices…) In ubuntu there is new window dialogs in every new release for that (in every new release they have found another way to suck :D). Another example – updates. In earlyer releases of ubuntu, you get a notification that there are new updates. Now everytime you start your system, Update manager starts and loading for a long time while you can’t close it. It is more then unusable. And also waste of time. I like to interact with notifications. Placement of notification is also verry non-intuitive and it take a while to pass trough it. I liked ubuntu verry much in the past, but now i see that the Ubuntu way is not allways the best way.

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