New Ubuntu 10.10 CD boot menu (Proposed)

Redesign the Menue of the CD to something looking smoother and better for new Users idea from brainstorm


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26 thoughts on “New Ubuntu 10.10 CD boot menu (Proposed)

  1. The text feels a little clunky, as if it were written by a non-native English speaker. Here is my suggestion:

    Try: Run Ubuntu without making any changes to your computer.

    Install: Make Ubuntu your Operating System.

    Test Memory: Test your computer’s internal memory with MemTest+

  2. It’s cool but i thought that it wound be more..brown? since all the wallpaper lately are most to a brownish…just saying…its cool anyways!!i like it…just saying what i think…

  3. I immediately thought the same thing as Yuval– put the memtest in the “More Options…” menu. Anybody who’s actually going to use it won’t mind going through one menu to find it.

  4. Great idea!!! Like it simple, i am not into that blue color though. Try and Install i agree is a better option and try and install must be in a different font color, like yellow for this blue one.

  5. Canonical should employ some real artist and marketing people. It is simple but not on a nice way. Probably functional, but boring. 5 minutes in GIMP and almost everybody could be more creative about the atrwork. The CONCEPT is good! The blue also fits better to the Kubuntu than Ubuntu itself. I think that background pick should be more Lucid-like.

  6. Way to crappy. This has to be a joke. Look at the power switch in the bottom corner. Looks like a resized piece of free clip-art.


  7. agree w/ @Ade.
    looks awful and boring – what’s w/ the background and the warped icon. How about some themed icons next to the text:

    Try Install Test
    ….description …description …description

    also, not my fav. font 🙂

    btw…where’s the Ubuntu logo here????

  8. I guess I can’t do any fancy posting, that should have been:

    ICON Try ___ ICON Install___ICON Test
    ….description __…description____…description

  9. Will there still be a menu to choose the language and keyboard configuration? Or will you have to go through “more options…”? I know if I had to try ubuntu for the first time I wouldn’t have changed the keyboard to azerty (belgian) if I didn’t saw the option without clicking something and thus I woudld have had more problems. And thats not wat we want with new Ubuntu users.

  10. You really need to have “verify media” there are so many that download and burn the media with corrupt .iso and then spend hours mucking around with a bad burnt media.

  11. Needs a ‘grub repair option’ and a ‘terminal’, it takes a while to boot into live OS and I don’t have to keep special recovery CDs in case I disturb my grub.

  12. Awful, just stick with the classic, those were a lot nicer. This looks like a really bootleg windows wannabe design.

  13. Yeah I think this bootloader is just crap to get this site some extra views -.- ( No Ubuntu Logo )

  14. I would like to see the Grub Menu and Login Screen integrated. So at start up you would have the Logo for Ubuntu and any other OS to login to.

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