NZB, PAR and UNRAR all-in-one Using Hellanzb

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hellanzb is a Python application designed for *nix environments that retrieves nzb files and fully processes them. The goal being to make getting files from Usenet (e.g.: Giganews Newsgroups) as hands-free as possible. Once fully installed, all thats required is moving an nzb file to the queue directory. The rest; fetching, par-checking, un-raring, etc. is taken care of by hellanzb.



You will want the command line (CLI) versions of the following

rar (or unrar) -- rar extraction tool

par2cmdline -- par/par2 Parity checker


mac --- Monkey Audio decoding

flac --- Free Lossless Audio Codec decoding

Install Hellanzb in Ubuntu

Preparing Your System

Open a terminal

Install the following packages

sudo apt-get install python-dev python-twisted unrar par2

Now you need to Download the latest version of Hellanzb from here


Unpack this using the following command

sudo tar -xzvf hellanzb-0.11.tar.gz

Change the directory with the following command

cd hellanzb-0.11

Run the install script using the following command

python install

Copy the sample configuration file using the following commnd

sudo cp /usr/etc/hellanzb.conf.sample /usr/etc/hellanzb.conf

Configure Hellanzb settings

sudo vi /usr/etc/hellanzb.conf.sample

Look for defineServer and change the account settings to your usenet account settings.Change the PREFIX dir to:


You can change the other directories to your preference but it is not needed. There are also a lot of other options in the config file, change if needed.

If you want to Run the program use the following command

Download a NZB file and place it in


or whatever directory you choose in the config file.

Finished files will be in


Web Interface for hellanzb


The hellahella web interface is written using a new Python framework called Pylons. A official release of hellahella is not currently available, however the development version is quite stable and is being used extensively on a variety of platforms.

Download and install from here


Zussaweb is a php based web interface for the hellanzb program. Hellanzb is a fully automated console based usenet binary file retriever. Zussaweb functions as the web interface, featuring queue manipulation, status messages, nzb file uploads and more.

Download and install Zussaweb from here

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7 Responses

  1. rob says:

    I’ve got this working to the point that all files are downloaded to
    PREFIX_DIR/usenet/[dir] .

    Is there a way to auto process the rar and par2 files?

  2. George says:


    Configure Hellanzb settings
    sudo vi /usr/etc/hellanzb.conf.sample


    sudo vi /usr/etc/hellanzb.conf.sample

  3. George says:

    Sorry,. I meant replace with

    sudo vi /usr/etc/hellanzb.conf

  4. Jos says:

    A new version of zussaweb is available at

  5. Andrea Gelmini says:

    instead of

    sudo cp /usr/etc/hellanzb.conf.sample /usr/etc/hellanzb.conf

    each user can have his own config in



  6. malocite says:

    You need to make a small change to your guide and remove the www from the address otherwise you get a 302 without location error. Use the same address without the www and the file downloads correctly

  7. jdog says:

    Just use LottaNZB it can even be installed via synaptic package manager, it unrar repairs pars everything!

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