PhotoFiltreLX – Quick, simple image editing on Linux

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The PhotoFiltre LX project has begun, this is an effort to bring quick, simple image editing on Linux to the masses. After PhotoFiltre LX is developed it will be enhanced with more features and functionality. Apart from PhotoFiltre being my favourite image editor it is also extremely popular with many other people who would like to use it on Linux for its speed and simplicity.

PhotoFiltre LX currently needs many developers to work on this project. I am looking for experienced C++ and Gtkmm developers. PhotoFiltre LX will support its many features through the use of the Cairo and Imagemagick libraries.



PhotoFiltre LX will have a wide range of filters. This will allow novice users to familiarise themselves with the world of graphics design. There will be over 100 filters provided, ranging from standard adjustments such as brightness and contrast to artistic filters such as the puzzle effect.


It will be very easy to select different parts of an image with the great range of selection tools available within the program, you will have a few basic shapes aswell as the lasso and polygon tool. You will also be able to save each selection in a separate file that can be used again at a later stage.


The toolpalette is made up of many drawing tools such as the bucket fill, brush, blur, smudge and magic wand tool. There will be different brush sizes available as standard.


With PhotoMasque you can create advanced effects of contour and transparency on your images by using preset masks. These masks are greyscale images, where white is the transparency colour, while opacity increases as the shades of gray become darker. Black means complete opacity. PhotoMasque will come with several basic masks to inspire you to create your own masks.

Install PhotoFiltreLX in ubuntu

Download deb packages from here .Once you have deb package you can double click to install.



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  1. danrgmc says:

    Just installed Photofiltre—beautiful interface. I’ll be checking frequently to follow progress.

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