Planned Changes to Next Ubuntu Version 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

Currently the following list of changes everyone is expecting Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)
New Application : PiTiVi

PiTiVi is a non-linear audio/video editor for GNU/Linux using the GStreamer multimedia framework.

PiTiVi has been chosen for two reasons:

* It has a simple interface
* The company funding PiTiVi, Collabora, are "pushing for it to be included" in Ubuntu

Application Replacement : F-Spot

There are suggestions that F-Spot will be replaced with gThumb or Shotwell.Also gThumb is not suggested replacement for F-spot but and for Eye of Gnome (default image viewer) because gThumb is faster and better.Shotwell is also suggested replacement for F-spot because it is lighter and faster version of it.

Planning to remove default application : GIMP

On UDS-L they decided that Gimp will be removed from default installation of next coming Ubuntu 10.04.

Default Backup Tool

There are 2 tool that can become default backup tool, Deja Dup and Back In Time

Ubuntu Music Store Coming In Lucid

The Lucid music store project aims to deliver the ability to purchase music from within a desktop music player.

Do you like these changes and what would you like to see on next ubuntu version

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43 Responses

  1. Peter Funk says:

    I think GIMP is a very needed standard application and it should be kept under all circumstances!
    Removing it would hurt. Please remove other
    less popular stuff like Mono or f-spot instead.

  2. _khAttAm_ says:

    @Peter Funk
    It is not that it will not be in the repos at all. It will not be included in the CD-ROM you get and thats it.

    GIMP can always be installed from Ubuntu Software Centre or Synaptic Package Manager or any other package manager.

  3. Finite State says:

    I agree (and from what I have heard, Gimp developers too) with Ubuntu’s decision to remove Gimp from default install, although it would be bad if it becomes an unsupported (i.e. only available through universe repository), but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    On the other hand, I really wish F-Spot will be replaced (in the future) with something like Solang or Shotwell. There is no chance of that happening in Gnome because Novell, one of the major contributors to Gnome has a vested interest in making every Gnome app (if possible) depend on Mono (I don’t blame them, that’s their business plan).

    My main reason for this is my very, very bad experience with F-Spot. It has done nothing but crash, or in the best case, not work at all :-). And I kept trying it again and again thinking it will improve with the next release. It just gets worse.

    I have a similar wish for Tomboy to be replaced with GNote (a port of Tomboy) in the future. Again, this will never happen in Gnome for the reason I mentioned earlier, but hopefully it will in Gnome. Unlike F-Spot, Tomboy worked (at least initially) but I had to give it up (and missed it sorely) as it followed F-Spot’s path. I am so glad GNote is available now.

    Let’s hope for the best.

  4. anon e moose says:

    The removal of GIMP to be replaced by fspot is a very very bad decision. It essentially leaves ubuntu at a state where you have no software which is capable of editting pictures. Every windows since win 1/win 95 has had mspaint.

    Yes apt-get is my friend. However in a situation where internet isnt possible. Fspot isnt capable of editting pictures.

  5. Pritush says:

    i think GIMP should not be replaced, Ubuntu’s music store seems to be exciting. But does it will have DRM limitations ?

  6. cetinm says:

    It is wrong decision to replace the Gimp with PiTiVi since they are apple and pear.

  7. dogbert0360 says:

    I’ld like to see Canonical adopt the cairo dock bar as the new system dock. Keep the upper bar as an all purpose dock. I’m using it now and it simply rocks!

  8. @dogbert0360: “the cairo dock bar as the new system dock”
    No, not me. I think it’s too personal a choice. I tried cairo dock, didn’t dislike it, didn’t really like it either. To say, I got but one bar, at the bottom of the screen, set to transparency and with everything I need via launchers and whatnot.

  9. Duncan Macdonald says:

    For every 1000 people who want to edit a photo there is perhaps one who wants to edit a video. The photo editor GIMP should be retained and the video editor should be installed from the internet if needed.

    One thing that is needed is a tool or script to produce a live DVD from a currently running system (i.e. with all updates and customisations applied – DVD because the result probably will not fit onto a CD).

  10. Brett says:

    Well, Remastersys claims to do just that.

    Has anyone tried this? I’d love to package up a live-cd with all my customizations for myself, friends and family.

    Although, my customizations only take an hour or two to apply to a vanilla install, and they change with each distro so I don’t know if it would be worth putting this together or not.

  11. ahmd says:

    i prefer usb modem to be auto detected. no need to install usb modeswitch wvdial and etc. it is annoying.

  12. Mojac says:

    A better approach to the default install would be to have an installer that allows the choice of “default” software to be selected by the person that will be using the given ubuntu version. The installer is fine now, but offers no software selection(s) beyond what must be installed.

    As for PiTiVi, it sucks imo, very limited. Kdenlive is a better choice for a default, and I use that now.

  13. William says:

    They are not going to bundle a KDE application written in QT in a gnome based distribution, it seems silly that you would suggest ‘KDE’nlive.

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