Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) Release Schedule

Ubuntu team is already planning for 10.04 LTS, which will see the light of day in April 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 (codename Lucid Lynx) LTS will be released Next year on April 29th.

Ubuntu 10.04 Release schedule

December 10th, 2009 – Alpha 1 release

January 14th, 2010 – Alpha 2 release

February 25th, 2010 – Alpha 3 release

March 18th, 2010 – Beta1 release

April 8th, 2010 – Beta2 release

April 22nd, 2010 -- Release Candidate

April 29th, 2010 – Final release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

If you want detailed release schedule from here

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34 Responses

  1. Edd Turtle says:

    Wow, do people know the major improvements? Gnome Shell?

  2. Simartem says:

    I’ve been a computer user for over 20 years. It was 7 years of age when i first sit infront of “MS Dos” and then win 3.1, win 95, win 98, etc.. Until now, i have given some chance to Linux and tried to use it (it was many years ago) but i couldnt get familiar to use it. Then I have given a chance to use Ubuntu 9.0.4 and it has been 15 days.. Now i am in love with the OS. Everything is perfect, i can customize most of the things visually or technically.. Ubuntu can never be compared in visuality with Compiz (in comparison with windows). This OS is really quick and provides you everything free.. You can watch your favorite movies and series (any codecs), internet surfing is very fast, this OS detected all of my hardware and i didnt have to install anything to get them worked, they are already installed. Installing software is very easy with Synaptic packet manager (or even so easy with “sudo apt-get install” commands).. To give a sum up, this release of Linux really rocks, and its so hard to leave it and turn back to MS.. I am having joy learning Linux commands and deeper details of the OS. Its so hard to believe everything comes free with this OS. You can download any software written by anybody to meet your requirements. For example, i didnt have to install any software to open my microsoft office files such as doc, xls..in linux. You have to pay quite good money to install MS Office.. Openoffice software came free with Linux. There are so much things to talk about the beauties of this operating system but its way too better to install and start using & learning it. The microsoft users should know that, it takes some time to customize the things on your desktop, icons colors fonts, sizes etc.. But make it sure that after customizing the things on your desktop, you will see how cool alternatives and themes you can get.. Anyway, Ubuntu.. Ubuntu.. Ubuntu..

    Waiting for the new releases to explore the magnificient world of Linux.

  3. powermite says:

    @Simartem, glad to hear it!!

  4. EdGy28376 says:

    Simartem said it so well! I too have dabbled in linux for the past 7 or 8 years. It seems out of all of the flavors of Linux; Ubuntu has it right! Thank you for all your hard work it shines through!

  5. rv65 says:

    Gnome 3.0 won’t be in Lucid but v10.10 will have it though. I think Lucid will be an evolutuion of Karmic and not some revolutionary new OS with the latest and greatest stuff. I think Lucid will have Kernel v2.6.31 and not v2.6.32.

  6. ubuntu4life says:

    OK, It’s official,
    The future is open !

  7. James (netlore) says:

    I will be really disappointed if Lucid does not come with 2.6.32, 2.6.31 in Karmic has some issues for me, and I want to look at BtrFS which will be much closer to a stable release in 2.6.32. Also, there’s more features for touch/multitouch in 2.6.32.

    I think Canonical will bump to 2.6.32 if it releases soon, but possibly not 2.6.33.

  8. Dan says:

    I just can’t wait for 10.04 server ed so I can migrate thousands of old instances to another 5 year supported os w/ great features.

  9. Dan says:

    I have also used linux machines for the last 10 years. Have been using Ubuntu since the 6.06 LTS but prior to that I was a huge gentoo fan. Gentoo teaches you linux like no other distro will. Once I found apt-get system though w/ debian and ubuntu I couldn’t resist moving to a distro that took min to setup while gentoo took days to compile gnome and kde. The one issue I always disliked about debian is the releases are just so slow. Ubuntu is cutting Edge at all times w/ distro every 6 months and when you want 5 year support there are always a version you can use for large companies. Ubuntu will be my primary os for the rest of my IT career. Also the development of KVM/libvert on the ubuntu server ed has slingshot servers into the future providing unbelievable Virtualization.

  10. Sherman McCoy says:

    Ubuntu doesn’t suck, but it’s long on hype and short on delivery. I still can’t configure a windows/samba network and the last time I tried to install it on etc/fstab my system went on the fritz. Most Ubuntu guides are poorly worded and generally don’t work. A professor I once had said; “if you really know something, you can explain it to a child”. Linux fails this test, and continues to be a “geek only” OS.

  11. Bas says:

    I’m not a mature Ubuntu user (even though I’m an old DOS-Windows user) and I started to try Ubuntu only a few months ago. I needed at least one month to be fully acquainted with all the installation tricks. I tried many combinations and new installations, double boot and finally I decided to format all my computers, to get rid of Windows and to continue with a simple, clear Ubuntu OS. Why formatting? because finally there is no safe way to arrange perfectly your partitions and the easier and safer way is formatting the beast and do a clear installation. I had to do that also on my two brand new Windows 7 machines. The reason was not only that Win7 sucks, but because Sony and HP have pre-installed hundreds Gb of crap into the computers, alongside with McAfee and Norton antivirus (or worst than virus) try me junk. The computers already had their registry fat-exploded, of these imposed ads. So instead of trying to clean the filthiness, I decide to totally get rid of that. And now my question, why the only choice for a PC OS still is Windows? Why an average user has to pay for a Win OS and then to format his machine to install a different system? Why Ubuntu OS, is not offered as an option of pre-installed OS (much better of course than our experiments) and when it is pre-installed, the computer costs more than a Windows one?

  12. Salt Luvah says:

    @ Bas: your last question is a good one. Actually, the best option is probably – if you feel confident enough in your acquired computer skills! – to buy a computer without any OS installed. Some stores sell them for a very reasonable price. The problem with this option is that since no OS has been installed, you can’t test the computer’s hardware until you have installed one yourself, so the guarantee is a must.

  13. KP says:

    I shifted to Ubuntu from 8.04, i am now on 9.10. I can surely say, Ubuntu made linux a childs play. Its so simple and easy.

    Its all about Mind “U think its complex so its complex” “If your mind accepts its simple then its simple.

    The reason for above statement is, initially it was a mental block to shift to linux platform, once you try its the same process we been thru for any Change or learning curve in life.

    I am on Sony Vaio W series with Ubuntu 9.10 and it just works like knife on butter. Thanks for all the geeks out there for there fantastic contribution for this platform.

  14. EmRe says:

    Im using ubuntu only for 6 months and im really sorry for the years that i spent with microsoft.Man linux rocks with ubuntu.I tried debian once but no luck.Linux is not easy but ubuntu makes its kid play…Thanx to all of u guys.Keep rocking….

  15. Mike says:

    How does one get a hold of the beta and RC isos for playing with until stable Release?
    I remember doing this with 8.10 or 9.04 but cannot remember how I did it. Of course availability method might have changed.
    If the only way is to sign up to be a tester…. Can you put forth more basic~detailed help on how to sign up and do this. I’ve got a dementia that makes learning new and doing complicated accordingly near impossible unless instructions are step by step a-z nothing left as understood ect… Thanx %:]

  16. badtaste says:

    Once the Beta version is release, it should be on the official ubuntu webpage. its on now.

  17. seannaesmb says:

    Is it bad that I am excited in a couple of days to try out beta 2. It is to replace 9.10. It looks great.

  18. spicey_mike says:

    I just switched to Ubuntu about two weeks ago after failing with the Hackintosh scene. There just aren’t any drivers out there for old machines and it crashed a lot. I installed karmic koala and was thoroughly impressed. However I struggled with audio and video set ups for days finally realizing that karmic was a short term support release. I quickly downloaded 10.04 public beta of Ubuntu Studio and installed it today. Video and audio worked out of the box. However, I am still getting louder audio out of the right side channel. Anyone have this problem? It is an Intel ICH5 integrated audio on the 865g chipset. I understand these are software driven audio devices and I should upgrade to a better sound card here in the future. Synaptic Package Manager doesn’t run in admin mode for some reason…didn’t have this issue in Karmic. Anyone know the solution (users/groups issue?) I still learning the ins and outs but after three weeks I am convinced I will be using free publicly created software for the rest of my life. MS an Apple will not get another dime from me for OS products anyways.

  19. wyliecoyoteuk says:

    So you are having problems setting up a Windows network and you see it as a Linux problem?

  20. cjwolfer says:

    so far i love 10.04 one downside im having is running wow through wine im thinking of dual booting with windows so i can play some of my old windows games. i have been a ms dos user since i was just about 4 im 14 now and have been using ubuntu for about 3 months i love the layout and how everything is free i just wish bigger game corparations like blizzard would produce games thatare really made for linux >.<

  21. hgsef says:

    yes ubuntu 10.04 is coming out with the kernel virsion v2.6.32. i hope its better than karmiks one

  22. matthew says:


    love ubuntu used 8.04 first and then 8.10 my fraviorite now using 9.04 but even though I have a master cd of ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala I can’t use grub 2 theres no gui and Im no tech geek.
    with grub 1 I used kgrub editor to manage my boot screen and even though it was designed for kde desktop it worked fine in gnome but there no editors for grub 2 why not editing cfg files with nutalius is a pain in the ass and all your changes are erased with new system updates so whats the point.

    will not use ubuntu distros past 9.04 till theres a grub 2 editor capable of removing entries and changeing boot order and grub backgrounds all of which kgrub editor could do with grub 1 – legacy so make the editor already I’d do it my self if I was a better programmer.

  23. Budro says:

    Well it finally April 29!

    *looks for the download link / torrent….

  24. Ugh says:

    Wow. Ubuntu sucks more and more with each release. Windows 7 has its problems, but for the most part it’s stable and well-designed. It’s nowhere near as bad as “Lucid Lynx”. After several years of running Ubuntu as my main OS, I think I’m gonna drop it and go back to Micro$oft. At least they can make something that works.

  25. hikekh says:

    Very happy with Ubuntu Notebook 9.10 !
    Running on my old Notebook NEC E3100 at home
    and on my Dell D520 at the office.

    10.04 no way .. First tried and I lost my TouchPad at home .
    Scare to touch my Dell at office .

  26. rob says:

    I have never had a problem with ubuntu. It sounds like some people have not checked the forums about setup on some hardware (That includes samba shares). 99% of the time these problems are simple fixes. I will take LINUX over MICROSOFT anytime.

  27. James says:

    I came in on Ubuntu 9.10. I wish I would have stayed there. Once I upgraded. I lost my wireless which was working perfectly. As you know most of the world does most of their computing online (namely) at least in my world myself. I looked for solutions and non really worked until I tried installing some KDE desktops and tried used XFCE and once I did this I lost my home directory and could no longer boot normally. Needless to say I am a Ubuntu newbie. But with 9.10 I felt Like I had it together and then 10.04 Lucid came out and that;s exactly what it because a Lucid nightmare.

    Now I have files I cannot retrieve (very important files for my clients) that I recently did prior to my backup that I am going to loose. I really do not like Windows 7 but It looks like that’s where I am headed after this. Either that or back to 9.10. At least the wireless worked flawlessly. At this time I have 9.10 dual booting with the other OS instact that is not working in fear of loosing my files that I believe are still there just not readable (because of the part ion being ex4 or something or rather (i stated I was a newbie)

    Argg.. I love Linux.(fast, smooth, great options, excellent open source market, innovative .But I am not going to love it to my death when it comes to usability or in this case in-usability.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Well 10.04 has left a bad aftertaste…..

    I have been using Ubuntu since 6.10 and have always been very excited when an upgrade comes around. With 10.04 being an LTS I was all the more confident to upgrade my system (hp tx2) to 10.04, and boy was I wrong.

    After the upgrade, my system would not halt/power down after shutdown. The battery will drain real fast, boot will hang up on a blank screen. After trying all the suggestions I could find in Ubuntu forums, I gave up and decided to install from scratch (All the problems I listed are apparently well known).

    The re-install didn’t go well either, I had all the problems that I had previously AND my wireless connection will no longer auto-connect. The track-pad gets auto-disabled, apparently because it expects input from the touch screen, however, the touch screen does not work using my fingers and is very iffy with the stylus. I have had no luck in being able to disable the touchscreen completely.

    After mucking about in GRUB 2 for hours, I have finally set my laptop to boot directly to Windows 7. I have Lucid installed in a virtualbox, it still refuses to boot up at times and halt on shut down. Maybe I should wait for Ubuntu 10.10 or perhaps go back to using 9.10

  29. everybody says:

    upgraded from 9.10(rock solid) to 10.04. lost my wacom tablet, multi display, flash video, sucks. got the wacom back and display but the avi and flash playback are pretty slow and choppy. tried to use the driver install for nvidia chipsets…still choppy

  30. Lorne says:

    I like ubuntu/kubuntu up untill 10.04.
    This OS sucks and I have never seen so many messed up things happening in my life….to bad you have to rethink this release, it just bad, plain Bad.

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