Ubuntu Builder – Simple tool to build your own distribution

Ubuntu Builder is a simple tool to build your own distribution. It allows to download, extract, customize in many ways and rebuild your ubuntu images. You can customize i386 and amd64 images

Install Ubuntu Builder

You need to download .deb package from here once you have deb package you can double click on it.


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6 Responses

  1. ddd says:

    does not work with standard ubuntu images. you have to download specific mini iso

  2. Christopher says:

    Does this work with only Ubuntu images or will this also work with Debian and Mint images as well?

  3. jonny rocket says:

    must be desktop distro. will not work with server.

  4. Al Most says:

    I have used this OK with Ubuntu 12.04.1 32 bit and
    Mint 13 MATE 32 bit. I did not use the Wizard.
    First, I went into the settings Advanced and selected burn iso after building and use K3b.
    Next, I tried to install .deb packages, this does not work good at all, too many errors. So, I tried the Synaptic, this works great, you can add or remove all the programs you want. When you are ready (you can use the Try) or just select the Build button and it will automatically finish up with the K3b program (ignore any warnings).

  5. Noob says:

    Hello, I am using ubuntu-builder_2.4.1-gb3-1_all.deb Version 2.4.1 Debian package (Gambas 3) in my host machine which runs Ubuntu 13.04.
    I am using the same version 64 bit iso to customize it using the ubuntu-builder.gambas. Everything works fine and I created the iso file. But, when I run it in qemu or virtualbox, it shows a popup saying “/casper/vmlinuz.efi: file not found”. The screenshot in virtualbox is http://s24.postimg.org/jbez8svx1/Untitled.png
    How do I make it work.

    NB: In the caper directory of the iso made by the builder, there is no file named vmlinuz.efi

  6. tom5589 says:

    Try older versions. To me it went nicely. But I had Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

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