Ubuntu Geek New Look – Give us your feedback

We have changed our website look and feel could you please provide us your feedback,bugs,suggestions,comments so that we can improve more.

Changes as follows

1) New logo

2) New home page

3) Some colour selection

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50 Responses

  1. karlzt says:

    the code examples should be of larger size

  2. Ghazi Sarhan says:

    I liked the logo…
    but the colors are so bright.

  3. Ahmad Amr says:

    The logo is very cool, the home page looks much more professional and attractive than before and the colors look nice. Good Job 🙂

  4. McDope says:

    Better then before atleast, but me personally don’t like the new design. To much grey for me…

  5. rokytnji says:

    I like the Simplicity. Haven’t used the search funtions yet though to make a informative assessment.

  6. Austin Kim says:

    I don’t remember “Recent entries”, “Recent comments”, and “Popular posts” were at the bottom of the screen, but I like them being at the bottom of the screen instead of on the right side all smashed together. Also, it would be better if site has more color like other people saying.


  7. KR says:

    This site now looks more like a professional Ubuntu/Linux Support Center.
    Try renaming Ubuntu Geek to something like Ubuntu Support Center or Ubuntu TechNet or Ubuntu TechSupport. UbuntuGeek looks too slang-ish.
    Try to move Sponsor Ads, all to the right or all to the left.
    Try slimming down and moving the “Recent Entries”, “Recent Comments”, “Popular Posts” to the left of the Content-Page beneath the Categories.
    Your site serves as an excellent resource for issues in a random manner. Try re-organizing categories the way you see in the StartMenu-System-ControlCenter and link the Posts accordingly.
    Try adding a new Tutorial category for beginners, and Advanced, with Linux Administration tutorials in your typical screenshot-based-education style. I don’t know what others say, but I am not a geek and this succinct style appeals to me and helps get things done easily.
    Keep up the good work and service to the community.
    My sincere comments.
    PS: Your site looks great even without my ideas.

  8. Andrew says:

    Oh and… i see the post 36 comments but i don’t see a link to go to the other page of comments, only 6 comments appear on this page.

  9. admin says:


    You need to click on ? Older comments link so that you can see older comments

  10. Peter Carvill says:

    A nice makeover. Go for it! Perfect for geeks – Enough colour, not too much. Ubuntu Geek is always interesting, often very helpful. Thanks!

  11. arturieto says:

    UbuntuGeek has been my tutor by the time i switch to ubuntu. i like the new look specially the logo!!

  12. John Eddie Kerr says:

    Looks great, If it is too hard to read due to brightness, perhaps the user should adjust their monitor.

    The fonts could be larger.

  13. jj says:

    Miss the orange. This look’s washed-out. Sorry

  14. Boinkie says:

    You used to look friendly….

    Ah, now you look much more geeky…

  15. Noel Nuguid says:

    Seems like a more geek version of the ubuntu site.

  16. Jose Luis says:

    CONGRATULATIONS for this excellent website and your permanent support to the Community. Some suggestions: Direct Links to main Ubuntu distros, perhaps at left or on top; links to similar websites with tutorials, tips, etc.; Overall look is great, maybe the menu’s font size at left (Categories) should be bigger; what is about to create two new categories: Beginner(and intermediate included here) and Advanced? Cheers!

  17. Tareq says:

    This site is looking nice 😀

  18. Very nice 🙂 simple and clean.

  19. Robert Paske says:

    I have a mobile HD and switch between XP and ubuntu 9,04. Ubuntu at first had me convinced to switch until I discovered that the internet speeds are nearly 1/3 of my XP transfer and downloads. I can download in XP at about 180KB When I switch HD and boot ubuntu the download speeds drop to about 40kb. I have made several tweaks and disabled ivp6 all to no avail. I dropped back to 8.10 and it is the same. If Xp works, then ubuntu aught to work without having to rework the kitchen sink. Until this is fixed it looks like I am stuck with another MS version in the future. Too bad, I had hope of an alternative OS,

  20. Ken Dawson says:

    Fine. I have trouble with a Nikon Coolpix camera. It takes eons to download movies in Ubunbtu 9.04 and no time in windows. Also my HP 63103 in 1 printer has issues. Something to think about.

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