Ubuntu Multimedia Center – Ubuntu based Linux distribution with Multimedia Support

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Ubuntu Multimedia Center is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with community and professional support.It is also a live cd that is ubuntu derived and also free. This system was inspired by the fact that ubuntu didn't have much of a multimedia center.Because users would have to manually download the codecs for playing mp3's and what not.The mail objective of this project is multimedia related programs available to users as easy as possible.

Ubuntu Multimedia center Installation

First you need to download Ubuntu Multimedia version from here after that you create a CD and start booting with the CD Once it starts booting you should see the following screen in this you need to select second option “Install to the Hard disk Option” and press enter

Now you can see Ubuntu Multimedia center starts booting

Once it comple loading you can see the desktop with the following screen here you need to click on install to start the installation.

Here you need to select your installation language and click on forward.

Select a city in your country and time zone.In this example i am using london city and uk as country and click on forward.

Select your keyboad layout and in this example i am using British English and click on forward

You need to enter username,password and computer name here and click on forward

It will start the partitioner here you need to select how do you want to partition the disk and select which option is suitable for you in this example i am selecting “manually edit partition table” and click on forward

Now you can See the following screen with the disks available in your machine here you need to create partitions for this you need to select the available free space and in this example you can see the 8GB of space for this installation here i am going create a partitions for this right click and click on new.

Once you select new you should see the following screen asking for creating disklable and by default gparted will create msdos disklabel and click on create

Confirm msdos label on disk here by clicking on create

Once you create the lable on the disk your disk is ready for creating partitions you can do this by clicking on new

Once you click on New you can see the following screen here you can select new size,partition type and click on add.Inthis example i am entering size as 100 mb and partition type as ext3 and tick the check box next to round the cylinder option.

In the same way i have entered remaining available space and click on add

Here you can see the two created partitions and click on forward

Confirm the pending operations by clicking on apply

Applying pending operations in progress

Here you need to create a mount points by selecting mount point and partition and click on forward

Here is the all the list of information for available for installation here you need to click on install to start the installation.

Installation in progress and it shows the copying files percentage.

Installation Completed Succesfully and you need to restart the system by clicking “Restart Now”

Ubuntu Multimedia center Screenshots

If you want to see some of the screenshots tour for ubuntu multi media center click here

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  1. nico says:

    hi there, this is a very interesting article, since I found it so hard just to make Edgy support multimedia. one question though, this ubuntu multimedia center can not run concurrently with the existing Ubuntu, can it?thanks..

  2. Thomas says:


    thanks very much for your tutorial and your effort!

    Unfortunately, it seems that the link for download you’ve indicated above is dead.

    Anyway, thanks a lot, have a nice day!


  3. admin says:

    i have updated the download link now

  4. udung says:

    im new in ubuntu, and this site is really good for me..

  5. alfyan says:

    halooo can i get flashdisk for you?

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