UbuntuSun – Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid) Proposed Artwork (Updated)

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We have already posted about ubuntusun whic is proposed ubuntu 10.4 artwork and now we have updated artwork from the author plippo.Thanks to the author for his nice artwork.

Updated Mockup Screens




For more details check here

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17 Responses

  1. dekdence says:

    Is there anyway we can make karmic look like this?

  2. madhu says:

    Nice artworks

  3. Yva says:

    Much too fancy in my opinion. Got a strong preference for human.

  4. Vadim P. says:

    Sexy. Hope it’ll be implemented soon.

  5. Ill stick to the KDE blue. Fancy UI is way over rated.

  6. polochen says:

    why does it look like Win 7 to me (or, reminding of/hint)?

  7. Powermite says:

    What would be even cooler is if it changed with the time of the day (from dawn to day to dusk). Or is it already planned to do that?

  8. Dusk is still the best and Dawn is still weird

  9. 35434535 says:

    The UI team must surely be on drugs.. another useless variation of fancy titlebar with same HUGE and ugly icons and font! Every sane user will get to KDE one day, eventually.

  10. Plippo says:

    I’ll try to turn the mockups into a theme asap, and then you’ll of course be able to use it in Karmic (or Jaunty), too.

    Because Win7 has title bars too? ­čÖé But seriously, I’ve never used Win7, so I have no clue.

    thank you for your useless comment about my useless artwork. I’m neither a member of the UI team nor on drugs. And if you think it’s easier to switch to KDE than to switch to a different theme, good luck. But don’t be surprised when you’ll find the same HUGE font and icons of the same size there. But why don’t you design a new beautiful tiny font and a new non-ugly icon set (by the way, the Humanity icons used here were new in Karmic) by yourself instead?

  11. Plippo says:

    don’t thank me, the theme was made by some other nice person.

  12. polochen says:

    Hey plippo,

    Haha Windows 7 does have title bars. The size of it happens to be a little larger than the current Human theme. I would suggest to reduce the height of your title bar and menu bar and icon bar so that it’d look tight and slim. The larger size of title bar and footer is what Windows Vista and 7 are having and i can’t say they are too nice to take the precious screen space. Also the hint of transparency (well, everybody’s going that way after Apple) but I think it’s okay. Overall and concept-wise it’s very good and I appreciate your doing this to the community.

  13. Russell says:

    Artwork is top notch. A humble suggestion. Instead of keeping the sun in the same position: Sun rises in east (right side of title bar where it currently is) Reaches middle of title bar during day, and sets in west in the evening (left side of title bar) I do not know how easy/difficult it would be to make these adjustments, but combining this with changing the theme to match time of day and you have a very unique theme.

  14. Ari Torhamo says:

    These are perhaps the best artwork proposals for Ubuntu I have seen so far. They are all very good, Dusk being perhaps my favourite. Beautiful!

  15. nogimpgone says:

    A dynamic theme thta changes with the time would be fantastic!!
    Please look into it, whatever artists are designing and programmers are helping implementing.

  16. nogimpgone says:

    And no transparency in the title bars please,
    it sometimes gets really confusing.
    (And hiding title bars is a bad idea.)
    (The buttons on it are useful.)

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